BonBon Lipgloss Subscription For The Balm Addict

Lipgloss is one of those things that many women just can't live without. Makeup bags, purses, and pockets all over the world are filled with fruity, shiny, delicious glosses. For the real addicts, there's a great new cosmetics company that can keep on fueling even the worst lipgloss addiction.

Human Body T-Shirts: Get Your Education On By Wearing Body Parts!

Just in time for Halloween there's a new trend in t-shirts that will truly allow you to get in touch with your inner self; you know, those organs that you just never get to see! Whether you consider this gory or educational, there's no denying that this is pretty cool!

N. Hoolywood Spring 2011 Collection Shows It's Trendy To Be A Criminal

It might be that the jail bird look has become trendy lately due to the high celebrity arrest rate happening in Hollywood, but whatever the reason, criminal styles are popping up on fashion runways lately!

Open-Toed Boots: Chic Or Crazy For Fall?

Over the past few seasons, there have been some interesting shoe trends to hit the runways and the stores. First it was sandals that masquerade themselves as boots, and now for winter, because we didn't get enough of the open-toed shoes during the summer months, there are boots pretending to be sandals.

Artistic Bandaids for Charity: Cynthia Rowley Bandaids For Design Ignites Change

Bandaids have always been a favorite fashion accessory of those in the under 6 age group, but now they're being made more fashionable for adults and the proceeds go to a good cause!

Libre Clothing - Comfort Meets Fashion For Infusion Patients

In the past, we've seen hospital clothing that's focused on providing people in the hospital with their own comfort and style without inhibiting the work that doctors need to do. Infusion patients have not had the same luxury, until now when one company has decided to focus on providing fashion for a different type of hospital visit.

Leggings With No Bottom In Lake And Stars Fall Collection Shows Off Your Best "Assets"

So here's the thing; it's not at all unusual to see fashion designs hit the runways that just will never translate into street-wear. People like to admire the trends that appear in a new collection, but the chances of them buying to wear is extremely slim. If showing off your best "assets" is your thing, you might get a kick out of this new fashion that had its debut on the runways. But there's a good chance that you'll agree this fashion will be reserved for runway wear only.

Bob Basset Leather Transformer Bag: 4-in-1 Convertible Purse!

Women love fashion items that are versatile, but it's rare that a handbag actually fills more than one role. Sure, a hobo bag or another popular style of bag can go from day to night, but you can't make a hobo transform into a clutch. Well, a new bag design actually makes something to that effect happen so you can indluge yourself in one of the most versatile bags out there.

TKO Slap Watches: Vintage Inspiration With A Modern Twist

The nineties were a time of slap bracelets and neon. A weird weird fashion combination maybe; but a great excuse to get in a little bit of friendly abuse inflicted upon your peers while making a whole lot of noise. Well, we all know that trends come back around, and one watch maker is bringing an old trend back with a modern twist.

More Dangers From Peanuts: The Peanut Shell Concealed Weapon Necklace

You might have thought a peanut's only about as dangerous as the symptoms of an allergy sufferer, but now there's a daring piece of jewelry that attempts to make the peanut look harmless...right before it stabs you in the back. No, really. , this isn't a case of copious wine consumption; peanuts are dangerous!

Jaws Does Jewelry: Shark Jaw Ring Inspired By Shark Week

Shark Week, which took place last week on The Discovery Channel has become so popular that it was the top trending topic on Twitter while it was taking place. With all the hype surrounding it, there's a lot of people really disappointed that they won't get their shark fix for another year. The solution? A unique jewelry piece designed with Shark Week in mind!

Potty Mitts: Making Sure What Happens In The Bathroom, Stays In The Bathroom

Once you become a parent, you discover that you just might be a germaphobe, even if it's for the first time in your life. Bleach and Lysol take on a whole new meaning..but that doesn't help in a public restroom where you don't know what germs might be lingering. Want what your kids do in the bathroom to stay in the bathroom? Well, do I ever have something to show you, then!

100 Zipper Dress: One Clothing Item With A New Fashion For Each Day!

The economy has been tough lately, so even fashionistas out there need to pinch pennies where they can. But is stretching one piece of clothing to be worn each and every day of the week for months going too far to save a buck? Who cares, because you're about to read about the most versatile dress in the world!

Pencil Scarves For Children: For The Parents Dreaming Of School Days

If you're not a parent, you're probably wondering why the heck I'm bringing up school days when kids are not even halfway through their summer vacations. Well, ever heard of the reference that "it's the most wonderful time of the year" when kids return to the classroom? Yeah, the sad truth is that while parents love spending time with their kids, they're not disappointed to have some time without them. Since it's still the summer holiday, all they can do is start dreaming of the fall by picking up items that are reminiscent of that school year freedom!

Chuck Taylor Sandals: Converse Hi-Top Flip Flops!

Over the past couple of seasons, we've seen some of the top designers release booties that have ankle coverage, but open toes like sandals. It's a trend that might not fly with everyone, and part of that might be because so far, it's been moer of a high-fashion look. Now, one designer has made a much more casual version that just might be a hit with those who prefer the grunge look.

Wearable Furniture In a Parody Art Catalogue

Ever walked through IKEA and went "wow, those curtains would look really good as a toga" or "that lampshade is precisely the hat that I've been looking for!". What? You haven't? Oh, well then, there are a couple of artists who have had that precise vision!

The Liquor Holster That Lindsay Lohan Would Die To Replace Her Scram Bracelet With!

What Lindsay Lohan has been dealing with, isn't a laughing matter. There's nothing positive about drinking and driving, and never quite getting a grasp of the potential consequences that can include the death of other drivers and pedestrians. That being said, I've come across a fashion accessory that this fallen star is surely thinking she's like to replace her SCRAM alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet.

Drool-Worthy Shoes By Robert Tabor Are Inspired By Food!

There are lots of shoes out there that are definitely drool-worthy, but typically it's not because they get your appetite going, it's because they are just so gorgeous. There's a new line of shoes that has a bit of a different inspiration and it's usually reserved for your dinner plate, not for fashion.

Good Fortune Necklace: Inspirational Jewelry By Emily Elizabeth

In recent memory, the world has faced quite a bit of misfortune. The economy in North America crashed, an unstoppable oil leak began contaminating the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and wars are happening in various locations around the world which has lead to substantial loss of life. These are just a few examples of the universal bad luck that seems to be occurring, and to combat it, there's a new jewelry design.

Earthquake Survival Tshirt: Poking Fun At The Canadian Earthquake Buzz!

Yeah, yeah, okay, we get it already - you're tired of hearing about that earthquake that rocked much of Ontario and Quebec in Canada and parts of the United States. West Coasters have been rolling their eyes at all the online buzz about this earthquake that wouldn't even have gotten media attention in an area that's positioned along the fault-line responsible for some of the most devastating earthquakes in North American history. Well, we'd like to buzz about it just a little more, if you don't mind.