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Wellies That Can Charge Your Phone With Energy Generated During Music Festival Frolicks!

Many pieces of clothing designed for wear at summer music festivals have focused on generating energy to change cell phones and other small electronic devices, because when you're camping in the mud for days at a time, batteries lose their juice! The latest fashion item is practical and quite possibly the coolest example of this trend to date.

Pat Pocket Ashtray: The Non-Smoker's Most Repellent Accessory

The last thing any non-smoker would desire to carry with them as an accessory is their own personal ashtray designed to keep smoke and ash contained, but for those that smoke, it's not such a repellent idea.

Minature World Replicas: Whimsical Fashion Accessories By Kendal Murray

This is a whimsical twist on a concept that we've all been thinking about over the past few years since CSI made the creation of miniature settings a hotter trend, at least when it comes to crime scenes. Now, there's an artist who has decided to leave out the blood and gore and introduce the idea to fashion.

Ghost Busters Replica Backpack: Who You Gonna Call?

It doesn't matter how old you are, the Ghost Busters have been a fixture for decades, and let's be honest here - we've all dreamed about having a ghost busting machine (otherwise called a Proton Pack) of our very own. Yeah, sure, there have been plastic toys, but the coolest replica that's also functional will soon be available.

Dream Cap: The Fashion That Promises To Get Into Your Head!

Not all fashion items are entirely sane, but that doesn't mean that they're not worth talking about.  Some fashions, you might think, you've only dreamed about, but even the wackiest things have been dreamed up, including this little gem.

Indulgent Heels: Where Ice Cream Meets High Fashion

Shoes are drool-worthy for virtually every woman and it has nothing to do with anything but the sheer beauty of nice footwear. In order to incorporate another irresistible element that many women love, Oyee Design has created a funky and fun pair of heels that's truly sinful!

Goofy Bands: Funky Shaped Bracelets Are The Latest Kids Trend

Some of the latest children's fashion trends are frightening to say the least. Little girls are dressed inappropriate like women 20 years their age and little boys...well, okay, maybe they for the most part remain little boys. There's a new fashion trend with the under 8 crowd that's getting a lot of attention, and it's one that parents can get on board with!

Perky Panties: Pheromone Wash For Lingerie

If you thought your lingerie was sexy enough without any assistance, then you're obviously missing out on something because there is one sexy product available that will have men drooling over you...a little more than they probably are already when you're down to your skivvies.

UV SunSense Bracelet: Personal Sun Monitoring System!

We all know that it's essential to apply sunscreen when heading outside during the summer months; it's remembering to reapply sunscreen that becomes harder since sunscreen just doesn't last all day. Often, by the time you realize that you need to touch up your sunscreen, it's because you've already become a lobster. A solution is provided by a convenient, though not so stylish fashion.

10 Of The Strangest Beauty Products That Will Disgust You As You Look Your Best!

Women go to great lengths for the sake of beauty, even allowing some disgusting and strange ingredients to make contact with their skin, or worse yet, to be ingested by mouth. These weird beauty products are some of the most unusual out there, but they promise to make you younger and more beautiful, so you decide if you can overcome the gross factor for beauty.

Recycled Oil Pendants: Conversation Piece For Oil Dispute And Natural Protector

With what's happening in New Orleans, there's no reason to discuss the oil debate, but before the issue came to a head, a pair of designers decided to team up in order to create a conversation piece necklace that's fashionable and gets people talking.

GreenWeaver Graduation Gowns: Fashion That's As Big Of An Accomplishment As Graduation

There are so many graudation gowns worn beginning in the spring for college graduation and later on for high school ceremonies. They're neither fashionable, nor are they green in the environmental sense. It's really only possible to address one of these issues, and there's one cutting-edge company willing to do it!

1154 Lill Studio: Dream Up Your Own Fashion With Customizable Handbags!

If you're a girl that dreams of purses, then you'll love the opportunity that can dream up your own and carry it in reality. Customizable fashions are more popular than ever, and now there's a fun opportunity to design with a popular line!

iPad & iDress: For Those Who Think Their iPad Makes The Best Fashion Accessory

For most women, the best fashion accessory to complete an outfit is a nice pair of shoes or a statement necklace. For men, it's a watch or a tie. For those so obsessed with their iPads that they just can't seem to think about anything else, male or female, I've got the fashion for you that will go with your favorite accessory.

9 Freaky & Funny Baby Fashions: Funky Clothes For The Trendsetting Tot!

Baby fashions are often focused on the cute and cuddly, but there are some parents out there who are tired of the old pinks and blues and want their tots to be trendsetters with funky and funny fashions! Those looking for a unique baby shower gift for a baby to be can also ensure that the newborn makes its first appearance in the world in funky fashion.

Denim Diapers: Huggies For The Trendy Baby!

With summer here, moms and dads know their little ones just might be spending lots of time in the home crawling around in their diapers. But when guests pop by, their babies just won't be dressed to the nines with their little white, absorbant plastic bums. Huggies has now come up with a trendy solution!

When Fashion Disappears: Transparent/Invisible Clothing Or Illusion?

It might be a woman's worst nightmare. You know, that day that she steps outside in her hottest white garment for summer only to get caught in a rain shower that has her putting on a show to everyone she meets. Apparently, there are some women that just don't mind that look, and while they might not want to show off their own goods, they do want to get their invisible clothing style on everywhere they go!

Crowns In Fashion From Teen Designer Rael Stone

Crowns clearly don't make a frequent enough appearance in fashion. How unfair is it that they're reserved for kings, queens, princes and princesses anyways? Pretty unfair, at least according to teen designer Rael Stone who has a name as memorable as his line!

Cactus Pumps Won't Allow Others To Step On Your Toes!

If you're the kind of person who always feels like you have others stepping on your toes at work or in life, then there are shoes out there just for you that will help you fight back!

iSee: Spray On Contact Lenses Offer Cool Colors And Correct Eyesight

Anyone who's tried contact lenses will tell you that at one time, the thought of having to stick something in their eyeball with their finger was unappealing if not scary. For some, it's an issue that's been overcome because it's preferable to having to stick to eyeglasses 24/7; others just can't get over it. A new innovation, provides contact vision correction and cool colours with no eye poking!