Sweet Gadgets You Can Wear: Jelly Belly Earphones

Everyone loves a Jelly Belly. The flavor and color choices are immense; they taste great; and unfortunately, they find their way directly to that part of your body where you've been trying to lose that last 5 pounds for ages. The solution? A new jelly belly electronic that you can wear.

It Happened Here: Jewelry Line With A Personal Story

Often the jewelry that we wear begins to signify an important period in our lives because of the memories that are formed through its acquisition and wear. Now, an Etsy store has actually created a customizable line that allows you to share your story.

A Closer Look At The Hoof Shoe Trend: 5 Fashionable Or Freaky Hooves

Who knew that horses, cows and camels had feet that could be so trendy? Well, over the past year, there have been a number of interesting shoe designs made to resemble hooves. In some cases, designers are know, in other cases, no one seems to want to take credit for the funky designs (who would have thought?!). Whether this is a trend that you love or hate, it's probably one that you have strong feelings about, and here are some of the most fashionable and freaky cloven hoof shoe designs I've come across recently!

Solar Hats & Mittens Combine Style And Warmth For Winter Accessories

The cooler weather is rolling in, and it's time to start hunting for fashionable accessories that are also warm. Let's face it, those two things are usually at odds with each other, but there's one set of hats and mitts that might finally make them a reality.

Strange And Unique Sexy Shoe: The Glittery Heelless Heels

Heelless heels: how's that for an oxymoron? The shoes you're about to see aren't for the weak at heart; they're for the fashion risk-takers and those with gravity on their sides! Those who take their fashion cues from Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz might also feel the need to slip their feet into these!

Taxidermy Fashion Accessories: Fashion You Won’t Want To Find In Your Stocking

Fashion that incorporates animal images or shapes usually evokes one of two things - cute and cuddly or hot and fierce. A new line of accessories falls into neither category and it's really quite disturbing. Don't buy these fashion accessories for anyone's stocking this Christmas, unless you're prepared for a nasty complaint letter to be delivered to Santa and his elves.

Geekiest Gifts For The Holidays: ThinkGeek’s 5 Dorkiest Fashion Accessories!

ThinkGeek is known for compiling some of the geekiest items available on the market, and their clothing accessories don't fall flat. For the nerd in your life, shop at ThinkGeek this holiday season and you'll find a selection of accessories that you certainly won't find on the runways in Paris; but they are sure to make every geek or closest geek squeal and snort with excitement!

Palm Phone: Wearable Gadget Of The Future!

At some point, every cell phone user has joked that they should have their phone surgically implanted into their hand since it's virtually a permanent fixture. Now, that ideology has been made into a reality, and it's a concept that some will love, some will hate.

7 Stunning Umbrellas Sure To Brighten Dreary Days

An umbrella can do so much more than simply keep you dry, and let's face it, depending upon the weather conditions, it doesn't always do that. This winter, stay chic and fashionable with some of these stylish umbrellas available from Amazon, or buy them for someone else as a gift. These chic and stylish umbrellas make the perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays, and they sure will be conversation pieces that brighten up even the gloomiest of days! Though watch how you wrap them; they might be dead giveaways sitting under a tree or sticking out from a stocking in true form.

Limited Edition Chuck Taylors For Aids Awareness

Charity shoes really are the best of both worlds; you get to give something back to an important cause, and have a great fashion item to show for it at the same time that looks great and reminds you and everyone else you see about your good deed. The latest charity line of shoes is by a big name in sneakers that you're sure to love.

The Original Ring Thing: Ideal Stocking Stuffer For Any Beer And Geeky Fashion Lover!

Leave it to ThinkGeek to come up with something so simple, so ingenious and so geeky that everyone just has to get their hands on one of their own. Of course, it's something that you can wear, because it wouldn't be much good otherwise!

Not The Hottest, But The Smartest Holiday Accessory: BreathKey Breathalyser Keychain

The holiday season is upon us, and you know what that means - lots of holiday cheer flowing in the form of drinks! With that in mind, there's one accessory that you should have on hand to make sure that all of your decisions are smart ones!

Bold, Bright, And Artsy Heels For The Confident Woman: INSA Shoe Line

Some might think shoes are shoe, but for many women, shoes are like a major reflection of who they are. Bold designs in fashion might not be appropriate for the office, but when it comes to footwear, there are different rules that allow women to show their personalities.  This line of shoes doesn't have anything all that unusual about it, but they are unique, classy, and bold..if you're looking for a refined style, however, you won't find it here!

Hearing Aid Jewelry: Bling That Flaunt’s The Hearing Impaired’s Best Accessories

Many children and adults alike who wear hearing aids, particularly prior to their senior years, feel self-conscious about their hearing aids. To try to change this, one confident girl has created a new accessory that makes hearing aids something to flaunt, not hide.

Uneven Feet: Shoe Swap For The Proportionately Disinclined

Everyone's feet are slightly different sizes, but some people find themselves proportioned so unevenly at their base that they can't even purchase a pair of shoes, because there will always be one foot that's the wrong size. To address this issue, we've seen companies that sell shoes by the singles, and another is trying something different by offering shoe swapping.

Political Statement Pieces: Obama Fashion Has A Political Twist

This Obama dress was a feature on the red carpet at the Emmy's. I wasn't going to feature it, but for reasons that aren't all positive, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and just wanted to share this atrocity with all of our readers to get some thoughts.

Terrifying Trend In The Jason Hoodie By Mark Ecko

Designer Mark Ecko has recently expanded his appeal by designing fashion items that appeal to niche markets - for example movie and video game fanatics. Previously, I posted the Halo Master Chief Hoodie, but this latest design tops it in a rather terrifying way.

Unique Design From So Re Fa Eco-Fashion Show: Jacket That Converts Into Tent!

We've seen clothing that turn into sleeping bags before, but in a recent design competition for green emergency clothing, this concept has been one-upped with a much more practical convertible fashion item.

Literary Genius Meets Fashion: Classic Novel Purses

For those who have a love of all things literary, this is a love that can be extended to fashion. Not all books can be read, at least not the kind that you can tote with you on a daily basis to ensure that everyone knows just how much you love the classics. These unique handbag designs are anything but classic accessories, it's the literary aspect that gives them this title!

Greepers: Stylish Shoelaces That Never Need To Be Tied!

Sometimes it's unfortunate that the most talked about fashion items only make ito a period of conceptualization and never actually hit the streets or the runways. In some cases, they've been created strictly for the purpose of chatter, where the fashion isn't the focus at all, but a manipulative marketing ploy is. Released earlier this year, there's one concept that should make it off the pages of a magazine despite its role in media manipulation.