Extra! Extra! eRoll To Give Newspaper New Lease On Life! In Other News, Paper Routes Down 100%

Sure, newspapers are great if you don't mind newsprint-covered hands, folds in all the wrong places and a massive pile of useless paper when you're done. Sounds great. For those a little more forward-thinking, Dragan Trencevski has come up with an alternative - the sleek and slightly saran-wrap-dispenser-looking eRoll.

Solar Cells To Break Out Of Low-Efficiency Prison - Chance Of Capture Looks Sunny

At the University of Minnesota, sunbathing is a big deal. After six years of soaking up the rays, a team spearheaded by graduate student William Tisdale has discovered a way to potentially double the energy captured by solar cells - giving cells with up to 66% efficiency a bright outlook.

Wristphone Gets A Fasionable Design Update - Dick Tracy Finally Able To Express Himself

As phones become smaller and more complicated, one designer has imagined a communications option that not only looks stylish, but brings back a slightly retro-phone feel and ease of use. Enter the Dial(phone).

Ammonia Borane Actually Super Interesting For Hydrogen Car Fuel Cells

Hydrogen powered cars have long been heralded as the wave of the future, despite strong resistance from automobile manufacturers and difficulty finding reliable fuel generation methods. Now, researchers at Purdue University have developed a way to create hydrogen for use at a temperature the engine can actually use - and  without a catalyst.

Light That Goes Around Corners No Longer Just An Airy Tale

Light travels in straight lines, goes fast, and has virtually no mass. These are properties many of us have held as inviolate since our high school physics teachers first made mention of them, but now scientists have gone and screwed things up. Researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) have managed to create light rays that can travel around corners, and diffuse a hell of a lot less.

Graphine Oxide To Water: I Love You, But You Repulse Me

Thanks to assistant professor Jiaxing Huang and his intrepid band of researchers at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, yet another interesting property of Graphene Oxide – precursor to the hot and sexy “thinnest compound on earth”, Graphene – has been discovered. In short, it has a love/hate relationship with water.

Dark Laser May Be Great For Communications - Terrible For Laser Floyd

While most mad scientists are off trying to create a laser that can flatten a city in a single pulse, mostly sane researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), have created one that does just the opposite of the bright-beamed energy weapons of death we've so often imagined – it makes things darker. 

HP Printers Get E-mail Addresses, Spam To "Enlarge Your Printer Tray" Already In Development

After a lousy start to the decade, HP is set to bounce back with the introduction of a new line of touch-screen web-enabled printers that each get their own personal e-mail address, set to making printing photos and spam mail about foreign nationals that want to give you their money and increase the size of your genitals easier than ever.

"Spinning Streak" Game App Shies Away From Arrestable And Dizzying Behavior - Lets You Spin Stuff Instead

It's almost a truism now that a new iPhone App gets released on a daily basis, and many of them are awful. Our latest foray into the world of Appdom led us to "Spinning Streak", a game by Mad Media labs, and we're pleased to say it does not suck.

On Your Bike, Says Nokia, And Take This Phone Charger With You

In an effort to expand its mobile market and put its technology into the hands of those who don't have easy access to a 120v power outlet or automobile power point, Nokia has developed a new line of phones and chargers, which can be attached to a pedal bike for both ease of charging and the smugness that comes with using green power.

Intelligent Textiles Take On Melancholia With Garments That Help You Remember

Out of the storied halls of Montréal's historic Concordia University and Goldsmiths of London comes word of a new development in intelligent textiles. Not satisfied with simply smelling the shirts of their loved ones when they're away, teams have developed clothing that can broadcast video and audio in addition to carrying the gentle scent of Drakkar Noir or "M" by Mariah Carey.

Samsung Unveils Low-Power, USB-Only LCD Monitor – Say Watt?

By 2011, electronics maker Samsung intends to be mass-distributing its shiny new toy - an 18.5" computer monitor than can run off of no more than two USB computer ports and uses only 6.3 watts of power.

Light-bending "Legos" To Be Used In Circuits And Lasers – Also Easier To Swallow Than A Real Lego

Using tiny globes known as nanoshells, four American universities have been able to create a seven-shelled structure that is not only self-assembling, but that creates what is known as a Fano resonance, which only occurs in man-made light bending substances.

New Neckpiece May Give Hearing Impaired Users A Chance To Feel The Beat

Frederik Podzuweit is young German industrial designer, skilled in both 3D and 2D visualizations. These abilities, coupled with a healthy dose of futuristic forethought led him to create his "music for deaf people" device, a collar which translates sound into vibration, allowing the user to actually "feel" the music to a far greater degree.

Walking Robot Technology Advances Frankenstein Complex One More Rough Step

Professor Jessy Grizzle of the University of Michigan likes to make things walk. Robot things, that is. His newest bipedal bionic behemoth is named MABEL, and she's able to walk quickly, in a circle, and over rough terrain with a gait that looks surprisingly human. Oh, and she doesn't use a camera.

Color Mimicking Technology May Help Banks Cash In On Butterflies For Bank Notes

Butterflies, peacocks and even beetles have long been wearing colors far beyond the grasp of even the European fashion industry. With their iridescent wings, carapaces and feathers, these fashionistas of the insect and animal kingdom have long rubbed our noses in the fact that they're prettier than we are. Now, thanks to research done at the University of Cambridge, these colors can be duplicated, and may lead to advancements in bank note security, along with ever-more dramatic seasons of "Project Runway".

Quantum Leap In Teleportation Leaves Sam Beckett And Captain Kirk Out In The Cold

Chinese scientists working to expand the reach of the sexy new science of quantum teleportation have achieved a new and stunning milestone – the transportation of quantum information over a distance of 16 kilometers. Greater than the effective aerosphere distance of the planet as well as to any Starbucks that isn't pretentious, this holds great possibility for ground-to-space communications.

USB Flash Drive Cufflinks Store Information, Broadcast Your Coolness To The World

The technology of fashion is continually evolving, and it was only a matter of time before it went high-class. Enter USB flash drive cufflinks by Ravi Ratan, two squares of solid coolness that would make even James Bond sit up and take notice.

Accuracy And Efficiency In Voting Systems? Everyone Secretly Say "Aye"

Tired of the endless debates about who voted for who and in what quantities, and burned out from watching endless hours of pre-election, election and finally post-election party coverage, researchers at the Universities of Surrey, Birmingham and Luxembourg have joined forced to create a Vote-o-Tron that can not only use paper ballots, but accurately count them.

Browser Tool Aims To Let Internet Flow Again By Removing Bieber Dams

In a world seemingly obsessed with celebrities and celebrity "culture", avoiding mention of them on the Internet seems almost an impossibility. In a stunning display of rage-induced creativity, web designer Greg Leuch of the Free Art and Technology collective has created a browser tool that actively blocks all mention of newest teen scourge, Justin Bieber. From text to photos, all things Bieber are blocked out, theoretically resulting in a more streamlined, teen-idol-free surfing experience.