Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Get Schooled – Fish Everywhere Smug About It

In what was surely an act of cod, Caltech’s head of Biological Propulsion research Dr. John Dabiri was inspired by schools of fish to make current vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT)s more efficient.

New Sharkskin Paint To Make Airplanes Faster And Sexier – No Word On A Matching Handbag

What do sharks and planes have in common? Aside from the fact that a flying shark would be totally awesome, not all that much. But, clever researchers at Fraunhofer in Germany have determined in that one of the only areas where they overlap– the ability to move quickly and efficiently through their environment – the shark is totally kicking ass. By paying homage to one of nature's most cool-guy animals in paint form, scientists hope to up the airplane's game.

Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch Spends Less Time In Pockets, More Time Being Awesome

All men love pocket watches. Really, how could we not? They're sleek and stylish, plus they make us feel just that much more like gentlemen. Sadly, finding a well-crafted metal time-teller these days can be a significant challenge, and many of us wish there was a sleeker, sexier version of the tried and true silver circle. Hold on to your top hats, gents, and enter the Kisai Round Trip Pocket Watch – cool like the original, and cooler than you'd think.

The iTit Optical Wireless Mouse – No, It's Not Powered By Two Double "D"s

From designers Mostafa Tohidifar and David Abbasi comes the concept iTit optical mouse. In an attempt to create a design based on emotional involvement and tactile sensation rather than the typical cool sterility of computers, these two forward-thinkers came up with a simple way to make computer use more fun – a mouse that looks like a breast.

Swedes 4G’ing Ahead With New And Improved Wi-Fi

On May 13th, 2010, a small Swedish tech company by the name of Anyfi decided to go and mess up the status quo in the world of Wi-Fi Internet technology by announcing a new form of Wi-Fi that will apparently provide 4G service to home and mobile customers alike.

DNA Spider Robots – Autonomous, Creepy, And Possibly Useful

Science always has to push it. Not content with big ol' Frankenstein-complex robots that have started building our cars and mimicking our women, some of our greatest minds have been busy creating molecular-level robots that can tool around inside the human body. Cue the dramatic music, and enter the DNA spider.

New “Smellhphone” Technology May Help Track Chemical Disasters And Avoid Smelly People

Researchers at the University of California, led by Professor Michael Sailor, have been looking for ways to give the ubiquitous cellphone a greater level of usefulness and make it less of a pricey way to seem cooler than you actually are. Enter the Smellphone.

Viewsonic's New Monitor Response Time Approaches Zero Milliseconds – Physicists Everywhere Concerned

On May 6th, 2010, Viewsonic, the oddly-named visual device manufacturer, announced the release of its new monitor, the VX2739wm. Although its name couldn't be more cryptic – something like "The Cheetah" would have been easier to remember – it boasts a 1ms response time. For gamers and geeks alike, that's a very good thing.

LiDAR Coming To An Archaeological Dig Near You – Indiana Jones Extremely Displeased

Archaeology has always been a science for the patient, for those who could stand mind-numbingly long hours of categorization and days of ever-so-careful digging to reveal just another square foot of a lost city or temple. Screw that noise, said a number of Florida scientists, who have now successfully applied Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology to mapping hidden jewels of the archaeological world.

Coming Soon To A Laptop Near You – The Ability To Not Light Your Crotch On Fire

Laptops have always been a source of both middle-class pretentiousness and blazing heat when used for long periods of time. Now, one of those things may be close to getting eliminated, and if you think it's the guy "writing his screenplay" in the back corner of your local coffeeshop, you're not even warm.

One-step Non-reflective Nanocoatings? It's All About The Mothematics

In an effort to find a non-reflective nanocoating that could be applied during the production process of things like car instrument panels, glasses, and giant one-way police mirrors that are inevitably installed in a wrong and hilarious way, scientists have turned to the humble and not-so-bright moth.

An FM Radio and Tiny Portable Speaker All in One? You're Nuts.

If there's one thing that's been missing the world of FM radios, iPods, and other audio media devices, its wood. Well, acutely-eared treephiles, your time has come with the release of the Motz Tiny Wooden Speaker. Tripling as an FM Radio, Aux speaker and standalone speaker, this is one nut that everyone will want to crack.

Looking For a New Way to Charge Your Cellphone? nPower’s Got you PEG’d.

Newcomer nPower is interested in making cellphone charging not only portable and easy, but green as well.

The Polaroid 300 – Instant Photographs Poised to Make a Comeback

New from Polaroid, it's the Retro-futuristic 300. With almost-instant photos, it can deliver instant gratification and a pleasantly refreshing sense of nostalgia.

The EyeDriver – Checking Out Girls While Driving Could Kill You

The same minds that brought us the fully iPhone-controlled Dodge Caravan called the “Spirit of Berlin” are at it again, and on April 23, 2010 unveiled a video of an elaborate camera system that can track the eye movements of a driver and steer the vehicle accordingly.

The Dogphone – Throwing You A Bone During A Natural Disaster

You don't know him, but this dog might  just save your life. Eqiupped with the lastest in dog-based video recording technology, these messenger dogs are trained to find stranded survivors after a natural disaster and relay their coordinates and current situation to a command center. Man's best friend indeed.

The Nintendo 3DS – Gaming From A Parralax Dimension?

Nintendo's lastest and greatest handheld may just deliver what gamers the world over have wanted for years – stereoscopic 3D. Thats right, folks, 3D with no ungainly glasses or that odd reddish-blue tinge. Apparently using technology originally designed by Sharp, this could be the start of the gaming revolution 3D enthusiasts have been waiting for.