Airport Compass Boarding Pass May Take Flight

From Kang Eun-Kyung and Park Ji-Eun comes the Compass Boarding Pass Concept, a way to help travelers navigate the most confusing part of their trip - the airport.

Shoe Phone? Old School – Try Shoe Radar Instead

GPS systems are a great way to find your way – when they work. For those times that GPS doesn’t live up to its moniker, North Carolina State University is developing the shoe radar.

Roku XD – 1080p Streaming Video Comes Home For Christmas

Sure, it sounds like a type of noodle, but the Roku is in fact one of the most compact and best-reviewed streaming video players currently on the market. Oh, and now it comes with 1080p capabilities.

The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 5 – The Universal Video Converter

Video conversion is a great idea, but so few of us actually take the time to get it done after the tapes have been recorded or the DVDs burned. Fortunately, the Universal Video Converter from Vupoint is here to help.


Gold Nanoparticles Like Cinnamon - Jury Still Out On Pepper

Scientists at the University of Missouri have discovered a way to create gold nanoparticles using only a tasty and powerful kitchen spice - cinnamon.

Fivepoint Gloves Give Your Touch-Screen Device The Finger

From wet, cold, and glove-friendly Britain come the Fivepoint gloves, a stylish way to stay warm and still touch your favorite mobile device.

Kompakt Carrier Delivers Big Potential

Designer Jane Loniak has created the Kompakt carrier – a “no passenger” carrying vehicle that can help tote just about anything a user has in mind.


No Junk In The Trunk - New Robotic Arm Never Forgets Its Elephant Lineage

 Brainchild of Germany company Festo and the Fraunhofer institute in Stuttgart is the Bionic Handling Assistant (BHA), which takes its cue from the supple movement of the trunk of an elephant.

2010 Video Game Roundup - Top 5 Must-haves For Christmas

The 2010 Christmas season is fast approaching, bringing with it some of the most sought-after video game titles of the year. Here are five can't miss choices for gamers.

No Quarter Given To Diseases By New Biosensor

Boston University researchers have created a quarter-sized biosensor which can easily detect a wide variety of viruses in a matter of seconds.


The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 4 – Dalek Keychains, Now With 100% Less Extermination

Ah, Daleks. If you know Dr. Who, you know what we’re talking about. Even if you don’t, the Dalek LED keychain is still something worth putting your keys on.

Dolphin-Inspired Sonar May Be Key To Shallow Water Problem

A new breakthrough in shallow-water sonar, based on the way dolphins catch their prey, has been shown to outperform traditional sonar methods.

The Kee4 Keyboard - Computing's Future At Your Fingertips

If you're looking for the key to mobile computing, look no further than the Kee4 Keyboard - a one-handed, four-button creation that can do pretty much anything we do now with our giant plastic monstrosities.

iGlo LEDs Wirelessly Light Up Your Life

Sure, there are rope LED lights and there are iPhones, iPads and iPods. But what if you mixed them together and gave said mobile devices the ability to wirelessly control those LED lights? Well, then you'd have the iGlo LED set from MEA Mobile, and you'd be one cool guy.

Logitech Solar Powered Keyboard Has Sunny Future In Computing

Logitech is set to introduce its first-ever solar powered keyboard to the world in November of 2010. All indications are that it not only works well, but actually looks damn good. Camera Aims To Give Kids The Big Picture

Designer Malin Grummas has created the camera concept, a kid-friendly digital camera that doesn't just collect but projects photos for maximum enjoyment.

The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 3 - AirCurve Play Lets You Powerlessly Pump Up The Volume

Known for their high-quality electronic and acoustic items, Griffin brings a simple way to get more sound out your iPhone – the AirCurve Play acoustic amplifier.

Siphoning Roadway Heat? It’s Not Our (As)phalt!

At the University of Rhode Island, scientists are warming up to ways to capture the heat trapped in roadways.


The E-Tomb - Something To "Like" In A Grave Situation

From designers Huang Jianbo, Zhao Ting, Wang Yushan, Ran Xiangfei & Mo Ran comes an option for the electronically obsessed and recently deceased – the E-tomb.

The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 2 – Tidy Robot Cleans Up When It Comes To Fun

Sure, you’ve heard of the Roomba, but here comes the Room Tidying Pickup Robot – a controller-driven or autonomous way to pick up objects cluttering your home. That little vacuum’s got nothin’ on this guy.