Thrift Toothpaste Tears Into Green And Clean

From Guo Lili comes a tube of toothpaste we can all get to the bottom of.

WowWee Paperjamz Turn The Fun Up To Eleven

Paper instruments that actually play? You read that correctly, friends – welcome to the future!

Infection Detection Dressings Help Color Your Wounds Safe

The longly-named Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT in Munich has created a way to detect infections at a glance with a new, dye-infused dressing.

The 2010 Gadget Giftening Part 1 – A Filterless Air Purifier That Thrives On Negativity

With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought it was high time to start a yearly round-up of possible gadget gifts. First up is an environmentally friendly and snazzily cool option known as the “Filterless Air Purifier”.

TUBA Framework Blows The Horn On Hackers

Banging away at that keyboard might not be such a bad thing, according to scientists at Virginia Tech. In fact, how you type may be just the thing that keeps a hacker bot from stealing your information.

Sound Asleep Pillow Soothes The Savage Beast

This built-in speaker pillow sings out its desire to bring peace, if not quiet, to the sleeping masses.

Griffin Powermate – The Art Of Being A Knob With A Twist

Sure, you can do things from your keyboard, but sometimes having a shiny metal knob is just cooler.


A Robot With Coffee-Balloon Vacuum Hands – The Future Is Upon Us!

You’d think that was a typo, but not so much. Scientists from Cornell, the University of Chicago and iRobot have created human-analogue hands using nothing but coffee grounds, party balloons and a vacuum pump.

Picturing The iThought Around The Corner? Think Again!

Researchers at the University of California have made progress in the utilization of brain-controlled interfaces (BCIs) by getting subjects to picture what they wanted.

Finally! A How-To Manual For The Budding Evil Genius

Evil geniusing comes to the masses with Robert Iannini's book "Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius: 28 Build-it-yourself Projects"

I Can See Your Halo – And It Looks Toasty

From designers Burcu Bag, Amalia Monica & Vinay Raj Somashekar comes the Halo flexible toaster concept.

Landslide Warnings Get Down With The Sound

A new type of sub-surface, sonic detection system is making all the night noises when it comes to efficient landslide detection.

Viagra-Infused Sheets Make Going To Bed Harder

They started as a joke, but a line of Viagra-infused sheets has proven very popular for Spanish designer Pep Torres.

The 2% Solution – Milk As A Styrofoam Superlative

A combination of milk protein and ordinary clay may represent a biodegradable alternative to the Styrofoam and plastics we dump in our landfills.

Wine-ing Goes Ultrasonic – Enter The Coolness Of Magnetic Aging

Wine coolers go portable, efficient and oh-so-sleek with the WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager and Refrigerator from Mika Yamamato.

X-RAY Phone Gives Inside Scoop On Mobile Calls

The X-RAY Phone from Tokujin Yoshioka lets you see the inner workings of your favorite telecommunications device.

This Smart Glass Takes The Heat For You

New Green Smart Glass is intended to make getting the perfect cup of coffee both easier and more eco-friendly.

Game On, Obese Americans – A Thinning Mobile App Has Arrived!

A Georgia Tech PH.D candidate has created a mobile app intended to help adults learn how to make healthy food choices.


Room With A View – The Hotel Industry Gets Spaced Out

Russian company Orbital Technology adds “space hotel” to its list of under-development projects.

Row, Row, Row Your...Chair?

Salim Nasser, now of NASA, has created a way for wheelchair users to "row" themselves along both efficiently and safely