Analog Wall Clock Goes International With Bend Hand

Designer Giha Woo has created an easy way for humans to broaden their temporal horizons - the Bend Hand wall clock.

Swabbin’ Yer Cheeks Now Quickly Reveals The Black Lung. Avast!

Early detection in lung cancer is key to survivability, and a team of researchers has developed a way to easily identify those affected.


LUM Alarm Smokes Out Home Fire Concerns

In an effort to assist the French in limiting their house fire concerns - one every 2 minutes - designer Arthur Brault has created the eco-friendly LUM smoke detector.

Alarm Pillow Starts Your Day Off With Good Vibrations

From designer Seung Jun Jeong comes the Alarm Pillow, a way to replace the annoying audio tones of your alarm clock with a refreshing movement from underneath your noggin.

A Mighty Solar Wind May Power Us Up

Scientists at Washington State University have developed a semi-practical plan to take advantage of the solar wind that blows our way. 

Interactive Gaming Means Interactive Paining, Study Finds

While new, interactive gaming systems can help get kids off of their backsides, they can injure the rest of them, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Water-loving Robot Cuts The Cord, Gets Its Own Moist Apartment

A triumvirate of Universities has pooled their collective knowledge to create AQUA, an amphibious robot, as well as the AQUATablet – a way for the robot to get out and live underwater life on its own.

TaintDroid Android App Shows Your Personal Data 'Taint That Safe

Duke University students have created a program to track and notify them when Android smartphone apps share their personal info without consent.

Nokia Files Patent To Make Phones Digitally Stimulating

Though still in the development phase, electronics giant Nokia is developing a way to let users “feel” icons on their touch screen smartphones.

Roughing Up The Little Guys Helps Solar Power Capture

Stanford researchers have found a way to increase light energy absorption in solar cells – by taking off the kid gloves.

Driving Safely Gets All Touchy-Feely

Researchers at the University of Utah have been busily discovering a way to make directionally-assisted driving more effective - through touch.

If You Gaze Long Into The Abyss - It Will Tell You It's 3:30

A "Japanese-inspired" touchscreen LED watch, the Abyss is nothing if not the height of nerd chic.

Human Birds Take Flight In The Great White North

Canadians have proven their usefulness once again, with students from the University of Toronto devising the world’s first continuously flying ornithopter.

The Efficiency Of Communication – Knowing When To Shut The Hell Up

Researchers have now determined the point at which a communications system becomes unwieldy, and when it’s best to just stop talking.

Giving People A Leg Up - HAL Can Do That, Actually

Japanese company's Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) may give those with mobility disorders the chance to scale mountains.

Visually Impaired Assistant Looks To Give People Second Sight

Aiming to help people who can’t see find a simpler way to get around, designer Noam Klopper has introduced the Visually Impaired Assistant (VIA).

Watch Out Warning Triangle Beams Caution Into The Sky

Red highway warning triangle gets an update with holographic technology - Batman himself would be both jealous and cautious. 

Want To Save Paper? The P&P Office Waste Processor Will Pencil You In

New waste paper processor can turn useless old paper sheets into something we all need – pencils.

Copper Wiring Lets Owners Listen In On What Their Home Is Up To

Energy efficient homes with sensors in every nook and cranny just got a step closer with the development of a home sensor network using existing copper wiring as an antenna.

Lacie Stackable Hard Drive Aims To Make Space For Form And Function

It’s called the Lacie S2.0, and it’s a stackable external hard drive that both looks great and is user-friendly. Technology FTW.