Trendy Handbags Made From Trashy Plastic Bags By Sheila Odessey

Global consumption of plastic bags is estimated to be 1 million bags per minute.  When Sheila Odessey heard such startling stats, she decided to do her part by turning the trashy into the trendy.  Her line of handwoven handbags made from discarded plastic bags are both functional and fashionable.  From messenger bags to "clutchlettes" to makeup bags, Sheila's collection is sure to make an impact on both the fashion world and the environment.

Top 10 Eco-Trends in 2010

From oil spills to record-breaking earthquakes, 2010 has seen some serious environmental devastation.  However, it wasn't all bad news for our planet this year.  From small-scale advancements in sustainable streetlights to alternative fuels that will hopefully decrease the likelihood of future oil spills, 2010 has seen an abundance of improvements in all things green.  I'm pleased to bring to you what I believe are the top 10 eco-trends of 2010.

Give the Gift of Green: 5 Eco-Friendly Wrapping Tips

This year don't just give green gifts, but wrap them green, too.  From purchasing specialty, eco-friendly paper to using what you already have in your home, wrapping with the environment in mind is easier and more festive than you may think.

GM Reuses Gulf Coast Oil Spill Materials for Chevy Volt Parts

General Motors intends to reuse 100 miles of oil-soaked plastic boom for parts in their Chevy Volt, the world's first electric vehicle with extended range. The material was originally used to absorb oil in the Gulf Coast  spill and is expected to contribute to the production of over 100,000 pounds of plastic resin for under the hood parts.

Fujitsu's Hybrid Generator: Body Heat Generates Electricity

The Hybrid Generator, introduced by Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. on December 9th, will do what no other energy-harvesting device can - generate energy from two ambient sources.  Using both thermoelectric (heat) and photovoltaic (light) sources to harvest energy for generating electricity, the Hybrid Generator is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

DIY Invention: Pedal Powered Snowplow

Kevin Blake's self-made, pedal-powered snowplow is both effective and environmentally friendly.  Taking some of the strain out of shoveling snow, the pedal-powered snowplow uses an old riding lawnmower, a plow V-blade, and old bicycle parts.  The apparatus is 100% free of emissions and composed of mostly reused items.

Gisele And The Green Team: Supermodel Goes Super Green

Supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, presents an ironic new web series for entitled, "Gisele and the Green Team."  The show is geared toward teaching green-living skills and empowering young girls.  The team of svelte superheroes fights evil environmental villains such as loggers and developers using beauty accessories that double as weapons.

Green Building From Top to Bottom: Eco-Conscious Roofing

From rooftop gardens to more traditional yet green options, roofing has come a long way.  Conventional roofs have surprisingly detrimental effects on our environment, but the ecocentric homeowner can rest assured with these three alternatives.

A Green Home is A Warm Home: Eco-Friendly Heating Options

Stay both green and warm this winter using eco-friendly, innovative alternatives to traditional heating systems.  Geothermal heat pumps, GE's GeoSpring Hybrid, and the Complete Radiant Panel all promise to save energy and money while keeping your home toasty.

More On Eco-Building: Walls That Talk Green

The materials traditionally used for walls and ceillings can often contribute to pollution, CO2 emissions, and waste, but provides a wealth of innovative options for the eco-conscious builder.  Many of these materials qualify for LEED credits and all of them help reduce our carbon footprint.

Building a Green Home from the Ground Up - Best Green Flooring Options

Choosing flooring materials and installation practices that suit both your needs and the environment's welfare, may seem like big ordeal.  But with options ranging from bamboo flooring to natural oil-based stains, going green has more options than you may realize - including good old-fashioned linoleum flooring!

Green Building: USGBC Incentives Go Beyond the Trend

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) is ever-increasing their efforts to promote green building materials, products, and practices.  From LEED certification credits in your home to your school, USGBC promises to improve tomorrow's planet through today's efforts.

EcoSmart Fireplace: A Green Way to Heat Your Home

Using bio-ethanol to heat your home, the EcoSmart Fireplace is an even greener alternative to an already ecocentric concept.  Eliminating the need for a chimney or flue, the EcoSmart Fireplace comes in a variety of options.

EcoStrip Promises to Save Electricity Wasted by "Vampire Electronics"

The USB EcoStrip 2.0 promises to conserve energy in your home by eliminating standby power electricity that some devices suck up even when they're turned off.  Without the drawbacks similar products are prone to, this device could potentially save our country billions of dollars as well as from harmful CO2 emissions.

TrendHunter's Top 10 Eco Trends of November has released their "Top 50 Eco Trends of November 2010."  I'm proud to present to you a more in-depth look at the innovations and inventions that made the list's top 10.  From trash villages to underwater, life-like structures, there's sure to be something on this list for the nature lover in us all.

TAM and Airbus Conduct Successful Biofuel Flight

TAM Airlines and Airbus have joined forces for their maiden voyage of Latin America's first biofuel flight.  Using 50% jatropha-based biofuel, the companies hope this is a step toward more eco-conscious air travel.

Walmart Gets on the Green Bandwagon

Walmart has announced the opening of the company's first sustainable fresh food distribution center.  The facility, located in Canada, utilizes LED lighting, solar energy, hydrogen fueled vehicles, and smart refrigeration.  Purported to be 60% more energy efficient, the site will cut energy costs immensely.

The Eco-Cell: Samsung's Evergreen

AT&T customers can now enjoy Samsung's eco-conscious cell phone, "Evergreen."  Made of 70% recycled post-consumer plastics and packaged in 80% recycled post-consumer paper, Evergreen itself is 100% recyclable as well.  Meeting strict hazardous substance standards, the device is sure to be a holiday favorite for the green gadget guru in your family.

Nemesis: Wind-Powered Electric Car Reaches 170mph

"Ecotricity," the UK's leading energy company, has launched the UK's first high-performance electric sports car.  Powered by wind-energy, "Nemesis" reaches speeds of 170 mph and can do 0-100 in 8.5 seconds.  Built and developed in record time, the sports car also charges in only 2 hours for 100-150 miles of driving.

Econova: Europe's Greenest TV by Philips

The Econova, by Philips Electronics, is being referred to as "Europe's greenest TV" and with good reason.  With 60% less power consumption than it's predecessor, a solar-powered remote, 100% recyclable packaging, recycled aluminum shell, and more, the TV itself is must-see.