Live Blog and Show Recaps on American Inventor Show Starting This Wednesday

Starting with the first episode of American Inventor, I will be doing a live blog along with the show, providing my commentary and observations of this years competitors and their respective inventions. read more »

Juicy Gossip! - Said Seth


Here's a bit of a shameless plug for a fellow friend's shameless website. Great for juicy gossip and funny stories. read more »

Seth Says: Pics, pics and more pics!

Need a picture of say, I don't know, an ostrich? or an old lady? or a Vincent van Gogh print? Whatever your visual query, you'll likely find it in the database of 1.3 million images at . Boasting the largest collection of images on the web, you can find exactly what you want when you want it. read more »

Seth Says: Freaky Fishes!

Here's a great article from The New York Times about new discoveries in the underwater world. As the pictures show, it's pretty intense what they've found down there. It certainly makes me wonder what other undiscoved marvels abound in our vast ocean. read more »

Seth Says: Thank You TV Gods!

To the couch potatoes, to the weekend wasters, to the procrastinators, to the boob tubers, to all the TV junkies out there...this is the site of all sites. Read on... read more »

Seth Says: So Cute I Might Explode

Deep down in your brawny, manly heart you are a complete sucker for cute puppies and adorable kitties. You play football, you eat meat, you wash your hairl with motor oil--and you also melt when you see any and all the images and videos from read more »

Seth Says: It's OK to Play With Your Food!

I found this little website gem this morning. I've done my best to try and devise a purpose, or even something productive from the site, but am still a little lost—and I'm OK with that. Diet Riot is the brainchild of Philipp Zurmoehle (note slightly pretentious spelling of first name), and it consists of little more than food fighting animations. And I don't mean the kind of food fights we had in junior high cafeterias; I mean literally, food that fights. read more »

Seth Says: Disney Who? How about "Paprika"

One of the most inventive, mesmerizing and downright gorgeous movie trailers I've ever seen. I'm absolutely ecstatic about seeing this movie, and, hopefully, the rest of you will be too after seeing the preview. read more »

Seth Says: Check Out Next Level Graffiti

As a pseudo-artist myself I hold a degree of respect for grafitti artist, even though I don't necessarily identify with their medium or often times their subject matter. However, the UK graffiti artist known as Banksy is reshaping the way I look at an elusive art form. read more »

Finger Fun with Uberorbs : Product Review

 You tap your leg. You chew on pencils. You twirl your hair. Face it. You're a fidgeter. Now that we've established that, it's time for you to find something cool to play with. Uberorbs are your answer. These fun little space-aged widgets are perfect for you out there who can't stop fiddeling with your fingers. read more »

Seth Says: The Best Billboards You've Probably Never Seen


I've always bee a sucker for a good advertisement. These are some of the best out there. Playful, interesting, disturbing, funny; you'll find a wide variety in this compilation from read more »

Seth Says: Mad Lib Journalism



Michael Y. Park provides this funny, sarcastic excercise in order to illustrate the constantly repetetive yet altogether laughable trends in news article read more »

Seth Says: A Better, More Beautiful Way to Online Game

Sometimes you are tired at work (or wherever) and need something of a pick-me-up to go along with that cup of coffee. You think to yourself "I know, I'll jolt my brain with a stimulating game of Collapse or Typer Shark." But sometimes you want the exact opposite, something that will keep your brain active, but on a subdued level. I recently found a website that caters to just such a mood. read more »

Seth Says: Buttons Are Cool (I Promise)

So many choices!So many choices!


I'm always looking for ways to spruce up my outfits, and I think the best way to do that is to focus on detailing. Throw on a tie clip, maybe an interesting belt, or, perhaps, a button. has thankfully provided a slew of buttons that I feel comfortable pinning on my blazer or hat just to, ya know, liven it up a bit. read more »

Seth Says...Soothing ApartmentTherapy

Today's post marks the beginning of a daily blog I will run called "Seth's Says...." I hope to bring to my readers a daily dose of cool by providing links to noteworthy websites, designs, fashions and writings. I spend all day at a computer, so why not put all that surfing to use and show you what I find out there in cyberland. Feel free to pass me links you find and I'll give a shout out in my post. Enjoy!

If, like me, you are subjected to the oxymoronic woes of living in a tiny apartment in a big city, take a few minutes a day to visit and get some helpful ideas on how to make even the smallest spaces work for you. read more »

Lounge it Out in the Sumo Chair














Looking for a great way to lounge? Check out the Omni lounge chair by Sumo, a durable, comfortable bean-bag-of-a-chair that's great for, what else? Lounging. Here's my review. Plop down and take a look! read more »

Curious Design: Drifting through the Contemporary Arts Center

Zaha Hadid is one of the most recognized names in architecture, and in this article you'll see why. Responsible for revitalizing the architectural scene in cities all over the world, Hadid created the Contemporary Arts Centre in Rome, Italy with the hopes of building not only a new relationship between structure and environment, but also between structure, art and spectator. The result is a breathtaking museum that brings a contemporary presence to Rome, but also melds nicely with the established architectural landscape.
read more »

Top 10 Hotels to Make Your Lover Moan...In Comfort

If a simple box of chocolates or a measly bouquet of flowers won't suffice this Valentine's Day (and it most likely won't), consider spicing up this V-Day by whisking your loved one off to one of these truly intriguing and awe-inspiring hotels found around the world. These aren't your every day Holiday Inn or even Waldorf Astoria. No, these hotels are the cream of the crop in architectural design and conception and will guarantee that your stay is one to remember. They're worth the extra expenses in travel costs, because if you surprise your sweetheart with a trip to say, Dubai, you'll get reimbursed ten fold.
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Curious Design in Denmark: The Curiousity Center

If you've seen the digital renderings of The Metropol Parasol by J Mayer H then you know his talents as an architect and designer are far from limited. Mayer H. is up there with the other big dogs of architecture and his most recent project, The Curiosity Center at Danfoss Universe, is no less indicative of his ability. read more »