DARPA Shows Off Emergency Bot by Boston Dynamics

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA for short, have recently unveiled a new robot: Atlas. The robot, built by Boston Dynamics, was created in response to the DARPA Robotics Challenge, which tasks creators with making emergency bots. 

Robot Keeps Kids From Crying During Shots

Going to the doctor can be an anxiety producing experience for any of us. Doing it with a child that is scared can be an eardrum piercing one for everyone else. So, we can all agree that it would be a good idea to make children feel less anxious at the doctor’s office, and one robot is stepping up to do just that. 

Grade Schools Kids Make Robots

When it comes to building a robot how young is too young? A class of primary school children at Princeton Friends School, which is based in the city of Princeton, New Jersey, is doing just that. The kids, as young as the age of 11, are building bots with 3D printers. 

How Do Humans Want to Interact with Robots?

When all the hardware is strung thogether and all of the code has been written you have a robot on hand. The question is how do you want to interact with them once they are built? One team of researchers is trying to figure out that question right now.

Sphere Bot Can Go Anywhere

A new sphere shaped robot designed by a team at the Robotics and Cybernetics Research Group at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid is designed to move in places where normal robots fear to tread. The robots spherical shape allows it to go places where others cannot.

Asimo Isn’t Tour Guide Material Yet

The  Asimo robot, made by the folks over at Honda, is one of the most recognizable robots in the world. He may have been able to charm the press into giving him some air time, but he is having a hard time charming museum guests at his new job as a tour guide in Tokyo.

Can A Robot Walk Like A Man?

A team of engineers at the German Aerospace Center have made a new robot designed to walk more like a man. The robot is called Torque Controlled Humanoid Robot, or TORO for short, and he is an upgraded version of an older robot that you may have seen in the past,  the DLR-Biped.

More Cows Milked by Robots

A robot system for milking a cow can cost as much as $800,000, but an increasing amount of farmers have been turning to them, as a way to make the milking process to be more cost effective. The milking systems, which work with the help of an app, can help some farmers. 

NASA Puts Robot Control in Space

A team at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has recently completed a new test on robots. In what could be dubbed the ultimate in remote contol a team on the  International Space Station has  been able to control a robot on earth in real time. This test will help with future bot visits to other planets. 

Soccer Robots Hope to Take on Human Players Some Day

A strange sporting contest is currently taking place in the Ducth city of Eindhoven. The town is currently home to about 40 teams of robots that are playing soccer. The tournament, which has been dubbed RoboCup is looking for the best in sports androids. The eventual goal, to beat human players. 

University of Bremen Makes Ape Robot

A research team from the University of Bremen in Germany as created a robot that looks, and walks, like a monkey. The ape has big arms that drag on the ground. The research is being funded by the German Aerospace Center, to the tune of about $3.9 million.

Japan to Bring First Robot to Space

The peole of Japan are about to have their very own astro-first in the international community. They may not have been the first to get a man into the void, Russia holds that honor, but they are getting a pretty cool record. They are putting the first robot into space. Kirobo will be visiting the International Space Station this summer.

5D Behavior Engine to Help Robots Path Plan

For a robot gettinga round without tripping over everything in the way can be hard. The folks over at Segway Inc are looking to help robots get around more easily. The new platform they are developing, dubbed the  5D Behavior Engine, is designed to help in path planning on the go. 

Robot Healing Helps King's Coach Get Back on The Ice

A look at how the da Vinci robotic surgical system is being used to help professionals in sports to recover from injuries more quickly. The system is currently being creditied by  Darryl Sutter, the coach of the L.A. Kings hockey team, with his speedy recovery after a recent surgery for a double hernia.

Robot Firefighters May Be Coming Soon

When it comes to fighting fires there are a lot of methods that can be used. Many of them, if not all, involve some kind of a risk to the lives of human beings. The use of new fire fighting robots can help change that. One prototype is currently in development at Perdue University.

Robot Dancing Gets an Upgrade

A new robot designed by the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology has taken robot dancing out of the jerking movements of the 1980's and made them modern. A pair of robots that are good enough to copy the dance moves of humans has been ordered by the folks over at Google.

Western National Robot Rodeo Tests Bomb Bots Skills

Have you ever wondered what the robots who take care of bombs do in their time off. They spend their spare time at the  Western National Robot Rodeo. The event pits bomb robots, and their operators, against each other in a 10 event challeneg in a variety of different events, both indoors and outdoors.

Robot Test Drivers?

Test driving cars is harder then it looks. If you want to get the best testing, without hurting human test drivers in the increasingly rough situations, then you need to do something different. Many car makers are turning to help from non-human drivers. That's right, robots may be testing the cars you drive every day.

Air Hockey Playing Robot Adapts to Your Game

A team of researchers at Chiba University, in the  Namiki Lab, have been working on an interesting robot. The robot, which plays air hockey for a living, is designed to do something interesting. The robot is able to adapt to the way you play and get better at the game. 

Brain Controlled Robots Get One Step Closer

A research team at the University of Washington is working on teaching technology how to interact with the human brain. But before they can do that they have to get a solid understanding of the ways that the brain works. In order to do that the team is wiring up people who suffer from  Epilepsy to see what they can see about how the brain works.