Can Robots Help Kids with Autism?

When it comes to kids with an Autism spectrum disorder there are a lot of hurdles to be climbed. One of them can be just getting the kids to pay attention to what is going on in the world around them. One new robot is working to help the kids to pay attention, by rewarding them with short videos when they follow the prompts.

Cisco and iRobot Team Up to Make A Meeting Robot

Robots can do a lot of things, but can they get you out of going to Albany for a really boring meeting? A robotics design team at Cisco, working with the folks over at iRobot, are hoping so. They are developing a bot that is designed to give HD telepresence. It can even drive itself to the meeting (from inside of the office, that is) to save you the site.

Cheap Fire Finding Robots

A new robot the FFR, which is short for Fire Fighting Robot, is desgned to help the fire fighters who are battling the blaze to not only find the fires, but also the people inside of them as well. When it comes to fires, there is always a chance of destruction. So the bots are less expensive then you may think.

Program Your Own Bot (for Kids, and Kids at Heart)

When it comes to robots for kids there are a lot of choices. Not all of those choices do much at all. One choice, that is not quite to market yet, is desided to help kids to program in a variety of ways. The programming runs from options with a graphic interface to C++ and JAVA based options.

NASA to Host Robot Contest

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA for short, is looking for robots in some new places. The government agency is soon to host a bot competition at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The contest, which is looking for sample collecting bots, has been dubbed the 2013 Sample Return Robot Challenge.

Brain Powered Robots Coming to A Mind Near You

A new team, of international scope, is working on a plan that is truly science fiction inspired. The team, which is both French and Japanese, is working to make robots that can be controlled with the human brain. The robots, which are still in the reserach, use blood flow to detect brain activity.

Robots Made of Gel? Yes!

A team of researchers at the University of California, Berkley Campus, have developed a gel that may be able to be used to make a robot with a soft body. The gel, which is made of a heat producing chemical and a elastic protine, may be the future of soft bots, but for now there are no prototypes in production.

Xbox Tech Used to Make Bots

A look at the way that video game technology can be used to help in the creation of robots. A new robot that is being worked out by a research team at Cornell Universit that is using the set of cameras and the ability to recorgize the movement of human beings of the Microsoft Kinect to make a new robot.

Get Your Own Poly-Bot Kit on Kickstarter

When it comes to robots you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in research labs. Or you could just get over to kick starter. If you make a sufficent donation to the Linkbot project you could just find yourself the proud owner of a set of blocks that can be linked together, or added to, in order to make a variety of robots.

Can Shepard Robots Keep The Flock In Line?

When it comes to herding sheep the job is usually done by dogs. One graduate student, currently at Harper Adams University College, has designed  a UAV, or unmanned areal vehicle, in hopes of doing the job. The bot has been successful in the controlled tests. No one has asked the sheep what they think. 

Robots Evolve!

Nick Cheney, a current candidate for a PhD at Cornell University, has shown off some pretty cool research in robotics recently. He applied the idea of evolution to the bots. A single bot, which was fairly generic, was able to reproduce into several generations of more effective models. By using breeding to respond to a single selective pressure. 

Robot Octopus Swims Like Biological Counterpart

A new octopus that is not biological swims the same way that a real one would. The bot, which was shown off at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), which takes place annually in Karlsruhe, Germany showed off the robot in a tank in order to demonstrate the swimming motion.

German Industrial Robots Turned Aussie GPS Testers

It looks like robots, that were designed to do heavy work in factories in Germany, are going to be going on a new adventure. They are going to be used to help test the relability of the GPS systems down under in the outback.The systems data will be used to refine the system and help tectonic plate research in the future.

Can Robots Care for Humans?

A look at new work that is being done by workers at the Carnegie Mellon Universityin hopes of helping older people to live at home longer and better, with the help of robots. The bot currently in development, but not in production, is designed to help clean up and bring objects. It won't replace humans, but it could help add to their efforts. 

Space Driving Record Broken by Robot

A new record was broken recently by a robot. In addition to being able to beat the worlds champions in chess it turns out that robots may be better at distance driving, at least in the endless void of space. The 1972, human set, record for the most distance driven in space was broken by a 2004 launced rover.

7 Foot Tall DIY Robot from China

Tao Xiangli, an inventor of some note from China, has once again unveiled a new DIY creation. His newest work is a seven foot tall working robot. The bot, which is made from old parts, cost just under $25,000 and is teh second invention from this intredpid man. His first was a working submarine.

MIT Shows Off Robot Cheetah

A look at a new cheetah robot that came from the Biomimetic Robotics Lab at MIT. The researchers, who showed off the robot at the  IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation this year have managed to create the second fastest robot in the world. The bot tops speeds of about 14 MHP by using electric motors, instead of hydraulics.

BrickPi: Making Robots Out of Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi project is getting a new twist. The newest add on, dubbed BrickPi, is a sensation of Kickstarter. The project, which has raised more than $20,000 offeres users the chance to use the setup to make and control robots. The only other thing neeeded is a Lego Mindstorm set. The project is set to ship to donators in August of this month. There is still time to get your's if you want one.

Drink Mixing Robots Shown Off

The folks over at Coke and Bacard have been working with researchers at the MIT Senseable City Lab to create a robot that is capabale of making you great drinks. The robot, which is currently in testing, is able to make 1000's of different types of drinks with the help of an app.

Nasa Tests New Rover

A new rover named GROVER, which stands for both Greenland Rover and Goddard Remotely Operated Vehicle for Exploration and Research, is being sent to test itself in the polar ice. The robot, which will be tested in May and June is also soon to get a companion made by Dartmouth University during the summe.