Robosapien Toys May Be Play of The Future Today

With the Robosapien to, you have the chance to foster a child's interest in robots, and maybe set them on the path to an interest in one of the most future oriented of the developing scientists. The admittedly pricey toy has some great options for older kids who can enjoy the advanced features and the complex controls.

Making Touch Screens Out Of Thin Air With Light Touch

Creating a touch screen wherever you have a flat surface has certain perks. Find out how one company is making that dream a reality for consumers and companies. The folks over at the Light Touch company are making this a reality for homes, offices and businesses a reality with their product that allows any flat place to become a touch screen.

Robots and Restaurants and Travel In China

Robot servers may be closer than you think. Oh wait, they're already here. One restaurant in the nation of China is making the dream of a robot run eatery a reality. Just don't think that you are going to cry your way out of the check, after all your server is highly logical and unlikley to be swayed by emotions.

MilestonePod Sneakers Automatically Tracks Your Miles

If you want to know when your sneakers are running out then the MilestonePod may just be for you. Help yourself to avoid the possible leg pains that come with not wearing properly supportive shoes, and the annoyance of having to track how much you have run on your own. The company is currently working on getting its funding, though crowdsourcing.

Turning Your Facebook Profile Into Art or Monsters!

Custom 3D printing is all the rage, and one company is helping you to turn your social networking profile into a custom monster, object or world with models starting at about $15 a head.The site allows you to turn your personal data into a creation that will allow you to make your profile into a visual treat.

Smartphone Data Usage Trumps Tablets

It looks like data use for smart phone users is on the rise, a change from the past when tablets ruled the data useage landscape. And will the iPhone users finally be dethroned from their data usage dominance by Samsung?

InTouch's Tablet Robot Gains Final FDA Approval

The RP-VITA gained its final approval for remote guidance, making it a valuable tool for facilities with virtual physicians on the go.

Mouseless Mouse Shown Off at CES

A look at a mouseless mouse that lets your fingers do the browsing.

Google's AR Glasses Almost Out... for Some of Us

Google's augmented reality glasses may just be coming true soon.  The project that is making those glasses possible, uncreatively named Project Glass, has been the temptation of the gadget fiends in the recent past.

US Army Developing Voice Command Robot

New voice command AI for military drones under development.

Hedgehog Robot May Bounce on Martian Moon

A self guiding digital hedgehog robot may be bouncing around a martian moon in the near future.

"There is A Robot Swimming In Your Blood"

Soon tiny robots could be swimming around in your blood performaing micro surgery.

"Organic Solar Cells Coming To A Roof Near You"

Researchers at the University of Toronto have been doing polymer research that could result in organic solar cells.

"Keeping The Streets Clear on Inaguration Day"

President Elect Obama has already made it clear that he will look towards technology to help solve our probelms. Now technology will help solve the problem of how to get to his historic swearing in. 

"Mini Submarines For Exploring The Human Body as Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact"

Researchers at the University of Tel Aviv are creating mini submarines that will be expolring human bodies in 3 to 5 years.

More Browsing Threats Revealed

A new security threat to your web browser has been unveiled. It effects every browser on the market.

"Clean Clear Water Coming at A Low Energy Cost"

A team of Yale scientests have found an energy efficent way to make water safe to drink.

Nanotechnology In Your Vitamins

Nanctechnology may be making it's way to a vitamin near you.

What Rats Can Teach Us About City Planning

The walking patterns of rats can help us to better plan the cities of the future.

The Never Ending RNA

Endlessly replicating RNA could reveal the secret of life someday.