Be Careful What You Say. This USB Drive May Be Listening...

This little USB flash drive isn't a Transformer - but it's definitely more than meets the eye...

Rat Brained Robots! Rat Brained Robots! Gaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

Cyborg rats are taking over the world!

Okay, so that's a lie.  But there are robots with little rat brains out there.  And you'll be surprised what they're being used for.

As Seen On TV: The Ionic Whisper

I think we can all agree that breathing is a good thing, right?  Well, Bell & Howell (via As Seen On TV) has brought us a really small air purifier.  But does it work?

The Mono-copter: Unconventional, Ungainly, and the Future of Flight Design?

Flight has always been an obsession with some inventors.  Around 1914 two gentlemen, Alphonse Papin and Didier Rouilly, came up with this crazy flying device with a single blade of 130 square feet in area that rotated around the device's center of gravity.  During initial testing it became unstable and was abandoned in the water.

Yet inventors keep striving for this odd, single bladed flying machine...

PR2 Robot Knows When (and How) to Take a Break

What's that you say?  A robot that can open doors, find an outlet, and plug in to get some sweet power?  All by itself?  That's crazy talk!

Zero-G Remote Controlled Car Tracks Laser Beam

Want a laser-guided wall-climbing R/C car?  If so, here ya go:

As Seen On TV: The Port-a-Book

The Port-a-Book is a multi-purpose stand designed for use with laptops and other materials.  But does it work?

007 Style Zippo Offers More Than Just A Light

James Bond would be proud to have this lighter in his arsenal of high-tech gadgets...

What Are BuckyBalls?

What are BuckyBalls?  Possibly the coolest educational toy (and best use of technology as a frivolous time-killer) that I've seen in a while...

Tiny Flying Saucer Makes Me Fear Alien Invasion

They're here! They're tiny! And their technology is far more advanced than our own! One look at their tiny flying vehicle has me convinced: the alien invasion has begun...

YO2 - Delta: A New Kind of Yo-Yo

The Yo-yo has been around since roughly 500BC.  In all that time I have yet to figure out how to get the stupid thing to glide back up the string.  But... the Yo-yo enters a new era with the advent of the YO2-Delta - a new take on an old toy.

Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber Brings Out the Jedi in You!

If you happen to see a crazy, naked guy running around in public swinging one of these things, it'll probably be me...

Oddfellows: Three Inches of Genius

Want a little bit of inspiration while working on your next invention?  These little guys may not help you lift your tools, they may be able to lift your spirits!

Hallucinate, Meditate, and Zone Out With Trip Glasses

Having a hard time decompressing from work?  Try zoning out with the Trip Glasses!

WiFi Dowsing Rod Finds Signal Instead of Water

Looking for the best place to set up your WiFi enabled laptop?  Wave this little sucker around...

Nano-Technology Provides Desktop Fountain

Want the best example of nano-technology put to trivial use?  Look no further!  The Nano-Tech Aqua Dance is here!

Palm Sized Robot Provides More Than Just Home Security

The SRV-1 Blackfin Mobile Surveillance Robot may not be the most sleek little device, but it offers some unique features to entice the hobby roboticist in you!

Is Smart Mass the Ultimate Adult Office Toy?

Smart Mass introduces a few new tricks to the ol' putty that we all know and love.  It can drip from the ceiling or be shattered with a hammer.  How's that for new tricks?

Motion Tracking Web Camera Makes It Risky To Teleconference While Naked

If your computer is equipped with the BCP-401, you'd better be careful what you wear when teleconferencing with the boss!

Weird Voice Messenger Makes Me Reach For Fly Swatter

It's tiny, looks like a bug, and talks to you.  What is EchoBot?  And why would I slap it with a fly swatter?