Merry Halloween! The Booming Holiday Decoration Market

In case you haven’t been to Target or WalMart lately, Halloween is the new Christmas. In October of the last 2-3 years, big-box aisles have exploded with halloween decorations in various shades of orange, black and creepy. Holidays are becoming more and more commercialized, and the holiday decoration business is booming. It's a great time for an inventor/entrepreneur to hop into the market.

The reason the holiday decoration market is so explosive is that most of the products aren't really new ideas...just Halloween versions of similarly over-commercialized Christmas products:

Outdoor Christmas lights + orange = Halloween Lights (see them here)

xmas lightshalloween lights

Christmas luminaria + orange bag + jack-o-lantern face = Halloween Luminaria (see them here)

xmas luminariahalloween luminaria

Plastic light-up Nativity + tombstone and ghosts = Plastic Light-Up Graveyard (see it here)

xmas nativity halloween lawn decoration

Inflatable Christmas Snow Globe + ghosts = Inflatable Halloween Snow Globe (see it here)

xmas snowglobe halloween snow globe

You get the idea. This isn't rocket science. Like a lot of new products, it's just a new spin on an old idea…tweak something that already exists, adapt it for a new market, and you’ve got holiday gold.

Is the Halloween decoration market flooded? I don’t think so. Here are some variations of existing decorating ideas that I haven’t yet seen:

Carve-able Foam Pumpkin. All the fun of carving with none of the mess! This hard foam pumpkin looks real (enough!) from the outside, but guess what…no seeds or orange goop. It carves with regular pumpkin carving tools and includes a battery operated flickering light inside. A violation of everything we hold dear about Halloween? You bet…as if plastic Nativity Jesus isn’t.

Ghost-in-the-House Spotlight. You’ve seen those spotlights that project on the outside of your house. What about one that you put inside to project on the inside of a window shade. It flickers and moves about, as if a ghost/zombie/vampire was inside the house!

Street-level Decorations. Every neighborhood has “that street” where everyone decks out their house, lawn and sidewalk like a reject from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Why not the same thing for Halloween? (I think it actually makes more sense for Halloween, since everyone is out walking around anyway).

Candy Dispensers. With towns cutting trick-or-treat hours left and right, who has time to spend answering the door when you really want to be walking around with your kids. There has to be some way to come up with a candy dispenser that you hang on the outside of your door and only hands out one piece of candy at time.

And for what it’s worth, I don’t think 4th of July is far behind…it’s colorful, has great icons, is kid-friendly and is something that the whole community enjoys together.

How about it? Got any off-the-cuff Ridiculously Over-Commercialized Holiday Decoration Ideas to share?

Tim Whitney
Featured Blogger