Boom or Bust

Boom or Bust

round baby seat thing [voting|id=147|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!]
SPHERICAL SAFETY SEAT. It’s a round car seat that protects a child in a car accident. The baby sits on a seat that is inside a round base. The baby’s seat swirls around the round base anytime there is any impact. Mary Lou says it is similar to a womb. His inspiration for the model was his daughter that passed away in a car accident.Did you see it? Did you like it? Do you think people would buy it? Boom or Bust?
wordace [voting|id=411|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!]
WORD ACE. A new game that teaches kids to spell and create words in a competitive yet fun way. BOOM, BUST?
The receivers training pole [voting|id=337|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!]
THE RECEIVERS TRAINING POLE. Gear you wear to teach you to catch a football out in front of you. Huge hit? Next big thing you find at Kmart? Boom or Bust? You decide.
Handlebar double rider bike [voting|id=344|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!]
DOUBLE TRACTION BIKE. The double rider handlebar bike. Did you like it? Vote now. Boom or bust. Let the judges hear what America really thinks.
PUREFLUSH copy [voting|id=642|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!]PUREFLUSH. This is the new fangled sanitary toilet seat that prevents microspray when the toilet flushes, which obviously, spreads tons of germs. Boom or Bust? You decide.
portable plastic public bathroom door lock [voting|id=340|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!] RESTROOM DOOR CLIP. The portable, plastic public bathroom lock. Is this the best America has to offer? You decide.
THE HEADLINER - absorable sweatcatching pad [voting|id=252|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!]
THE HEADLINER. A head pad that absorbs sweat. It catches the sweat under wigs, hats, construction hard hats. You get the idea. Is this huge, or ho-hum. Boom or Bust. Vote now.
Multilingual Talking Baby Naya doll [voting|id=351|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!]
HERE COMES NIYA DOLL. The multilingual talking Niya doll teaches kids in three different languages. Great? Suck? you vote. Easy EX workout to go, plus- twist-n-lockweights [voting|id=345|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!] EZ-X PORTABLE GYM. Did you see the Easy EX w/twist-n-lock weight technology? Did you like it? Is this America's next big invention? unbrella [voting|id=644|id=|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!]
THE UN-BRELLA. An umbrella that keeps you from getting wet. Obvious no, but will you buy it?. BOOM OR BUST? Sac master 2000 [voting|id=144|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!]SACKMASTER 2000 - One man, one scoop, shovel and sandbag. Newly designed shovel. Is it cool? Would you buy one? Did you see it? Do you like it? tonerbelt [voting|id=643|type=invention|prompt=Rate my invention:|confirmation=Thanks for voting!]
THE TONER BELT - a belt you wear around your waist that has pully tension cords at the side allowing you to do all sorts of exercise while on the go. Is this the next big late night infomercial? Would you buy this over the Abroller? BOOM OR BUST? Let the judges know.

Mar 13, 2006
by Michelle
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Mar 16, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The bike built for two is

The bike built for two is cute but not huge marketability. Nice little story though.

Mar 29, 2006
by Practical Priss (not verified)

Solar Polar Rock n Roller

After this past season of disasters throughout the US, and learning the realility of Government assistance response time, every person should want to own one of these. A portable generator run by the sun. Ingenuous! It'll even float in a flood while it carries your baby, small pet, or your beer! And what makes its so practical is that its something you can use all year round – not something taking up your valuable closet space until a disaster strikes.

Mar 30, 2006
by Rainbowbrite1712 (not verified)

I love Therapy Buddy. He

I love Therapy Buddy doll. He looks so cuddly and soothing. (reminds me of Barbapapa?) I would hold him after a hard day at the office! I want one!

Apr 2, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

show comments

Saw this show only once. It's like American Idol wanna be but with substandard judges. Doug Hall is a train wreck, who has the ego the size of a train,with nothing to back it up. What a nerd, and a know it all. Won't watch again because the show's too schlocky.

Apr 4, 2006
by partyboy (not verified)

solar cooler

I really love the solar powered cooler. How ingenious. This thing would be a great tool for all outdoor activity. How fun would this thing be! And it is also safe for the environment. Bitchin' I say!

Apr 5, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

there is already a clock

there is already a clock that runs away if you don't get up... search 'clocky'

Apr 10, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

next round

Hello my name is Matt Garis. I also auditioned for the show. I did make it to the next round but seemed to be edited out of the auditions I am from Enid Ok and auditioned in Denver Co. I dont really understand why there was not at least a clip of my product but never the less I was there and am going to the next round. would like to be on invention list but I was waiting to be aired first. What does everyone else think. Thank You, Matt Garis Trailer Tower LLC.

Apr 10, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

runaway clock

searched clocky.. pretty cool, but different that the rumble clock invention. Doesnt seem like you ever chase after clocky.
It only moves after you hit the snooze button or turn it off....makes no sense.

Apr 13, 2006
by B. T. (not verified)

Trailer Tower was robbed of airtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seen you myself and I know how impressive your Trailer Tower is the different uses you have for it like the swing set,lifeguard stand, race day tower. I think those judges saw an innovative product but the show needed those crazy charecters. Good luck to you Matt, AWSOME product.

Apr 13, 2006
by Andrew (not verified)

Where were the other

Where were the other inventions? There were 24 semi finalists, why then did we not see this trailer tower(, the tailgate seat (, the glove thing, etc? What's up with ABC slighting its viewers? I've been searching for a website for the glove thing, no luck yet. But I've looked at the 2 mentioned above - nice stuff. That tailgate seat is more than a seat too, it's a bike rack and it's heated AND it has this cargo carrier/table attachment thingy. AI didn't show any of that!?! I agree with the person suggesting an explaination from ABC, it does seem a little shady. Perhaps those people didn't cry - how refreshing would that have been?

Apr 14, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Character Building Buddy Bears She is great.. Wish she made it all the way to the last round... Really loved those bears.. Some say it was an infringement off the Bild A Bear Workshop because of the heart piece.. I say they are nothing alike.. Go Joan! It seems she has made it further than others as she already sells them online, and at Legoland, as well as a few other locations..

Apr 15, 2006
by Bryan (not verified)

I Totally agree. However

I Totally agree. However Doug Hall the disaster struck this one

Apr 16, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Toilet seat idea is a real invention that could help many

I think the couple with the germ filtering toilet seat invention could be amongst the million dollar players. The idea is totally original. Not like some other inventions that try to re-invent the wheel. The car seat is another idea that should end up finishing. Both the toilet seat and the car seat are life saving ideas worthy of being sold to millions.

Apr 16, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

You're right about the toilet seat idea

That germ stopping seat idea is brilliant. I would love to see it on every hotel toilet. I never know who was in that bathroom before me.

Apr 18, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I agree on the toilet seat idea

Good move letting this couple move to a win

Apr 18, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Like to know more about the flush pure toilet seat

My husband and I would like to know more about what the toilet seat does and how can we see what it looks like up close. My mother is in a nursing home and any product that can protect her from colds and flu would really help.

Apr 19, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Final Four Sovel, Toilet seat, car seat, bike

I read info at ABC's website that now there is going to be only 4 who make it to the end. My bets are in for Shovel Master, Germ filtering toilet seat couple (Flushpure or Pureflush), Safety Car seat man, Kid with the double bike.
Any takers.

Apr 19, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Final Four: Shovel (not sovel), Toilet seat, Car seat, bike

Same bet, different post. Sorry for the mis-spelling

Apr 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

I clicked on the photos and they only got bigger, no info

I want to find out more about the Germ filtering toilet seat. How can I get info about it? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Apr 20, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Toilet Seat

try, maybe he has a website?

Apr 22, 2006
by Think Outside T...
Think Outside The Circle's picture


It's an AmericanInventorSpot exclusive - for whatever that's worth. So get your questions ready.

i'm looking forward to seeing more of flushpure. i saw him in the NYC auditions at the Armory. We were together in the first sidegrouping they did. The sideways bike guy was there too. Rolling in his toilet he got a lot of attention. I recall them saying they missed the LA auditions and flew to NYC so they wouldn't miss out. Good call - seeing as they've made it to the final rounds. At the time, I recall the attractive woman being just an "assistant" friend. As it turns out, it looks like they have the same last name. I guess they're married. Or family? Are congrats in order?

I'm guessing mr. anonymous in the previous comment may or may not be mr.flushpure himself. good luck if it's you. There were a lot of toilet/bathroom products, but yours indeed seems novel.

here's to the final rounds. and something worthy winning.

Please spread the word that Doug Hall will be here on sunday night, April 23rd, at 9:30PM EST, blogging and taking comments, live.

keep on inventing.

Apr 26, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

The bike is very dangerous

The bike is very dangerous and the first person hurt brings
a lawsuit to the show,has to be a better way to improve
the bike,hope he does

Apr 26, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Hope they do well.The idea

Hope they do well.The idea is what the public needs.

Apr 26, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Restroom Clip

I think this is a great idea - I will definitely buy this product.

I just spent time in an airport restroom and guess what - no paper - and the door would not lock -had to put my suitcase in front of it to keep it closedl

Apr 27, 2006
by Karen McClure (not verified)

Restroom Door Clip

I loved the restroom door clip and would buy it. It small and portable, something I would keep in my purse. Think of all the times you go to a restroom in a public place, whether at the movies,airport or the Hollywood Bowl, there always seems to be a bathroom stall without a lock. Great idea!! Deserves to do well.

Apr 27, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

So many restrooms are

So many restrooms are without locks. I will buy one each for my family and friends. Looking
forward to the Restoom Door Clip.

Apr 27, 2006
by Sy (not verified)

Take a look at a similar bike to the finalists

go to: copy and paste this url and you'll see the same bike that is supposed to be original. What's up with this?

Apr 27, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Another finalist with a similar "invention"

This is too much. I searched google images and found the same bike. had this tandem bike first (or certainly before the AI kid).
I'm not a frustrated inventor with a grudge but a concerned viewer dissapointed with the fact that a good spot was taken by an un-original idea. The solar cooler guy could of had this spot or the cake lady or the trailer tower guy or...

Apr 27, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

Bike web site

The bike is called the Bilenky Viewpoint.