Booster Bath: Pet Washer

Elevated plastic dog wash tub. With the New and Improved Booster Bath, washing your dog will be a bonding and enjoyable experience. No more putting off washing the dog because it's such a hassle! The Booster Bath makes washing your dog quick and painless.
Patent Number: Utility #5794570
Invention Status: Patented
Dec 28, 2011
by Anonymous

elevated plastic dog bath tub

Thanks for your information and i thinks so it is really goods work.So now i am hear.The Booster Bath makes washing your dog.So all thanks.

May 25, 2012
by jackllinwatson

Booster Bath is an amazing

Booster Bath is an amazing project that will support to give an advanterous and enjoyable  experience for your dog.For offering a quick and painless experience,Booster Bath is playing  fenstatic role.Loved this concept.human hair wig