Stimulation for Your Brain: Brain Trainer Mini

We all know the benefits of exercising regularly. But for all the physical activity that we indulge in to keep in shape, is there anything we do to keep our brains and mind in top form? The answer would probably be a dismal ‘no,' at least for me it is. In fact it was on this site that I had read about a few other Products That Help Jog Your Memory , and am happy to add to the list.


Providing much needed exercise for our brains is the Brain Trainer Mini, a palm sized device that guarantees to keep the faculties of the mind in order. The Brain Trainer Mini improves attention as well as memory skills thus resulting is super quick, accurate reactions.

The device is small enough to be slipped into a pocket or purse and keeps a record of ones progress. The product is designed by Dr. Akiko Higashiyama, a leading sports psychologist. Trials have shown that the mental exercises one does while playing with the Brain Trainer Mini actually sharpen brain cells! Good enough reason to go get one.

The Brain Trainer Mini has 4 games each with 5 levels.

Flash - memorize the four numbers that appear on the screen quickly
Sequence - memorize the numbers that move across the screen quickly
Catch - catch the block as it moves from left, right, top or bottom
Blocks - memorize the block shape that appears for an instant

The size, style, price, portability and range of games makes the Brain Trainer Mini a great gift and asset for all ages from 6 upwards. The Brain Trainer Mini is available through  and measures approximately 8 X 4 X 1cm, comes with 2 LR44 batteries and costs about $20.

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot