Breathing Earth = Reality Check : Says Seth

Ya know how you always hear people talking about someone being born or dying every some-odd seconds? Well actually visualizes that "statistic" right on their web-page. I'm still a bit baffled as to how they accomplish such a worldly feat, but it's still cool (and a little eerie) that something happening on such a massive scale can be captured through the magic of the Internet.




 also shows carbon dioxide emissions all over the world, using a color scale to indicate severity. The United States, India and Japan seem to lead the pack (surprise surprise) and if you need more specific information about an individual country, just mouse over and find out population, 1000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted every day, and birth and deaths. Also, as you stay on the page a running tally keeps track of how many people have been born and died since you opened the website.

The site's mission might seem pretty simple at first, but I'd argue a deeper symbolism behind By measuring carbon dioxide (a poison to humans) against birth and death rates, it's showing what the human population is doing to our planet. If you watch your tally you'll notice that births far outnumber deaths, which means we're growing exponentially faster than we are shrinking, thereby increasing carbon dioxide output in the same frantic manner. It's one of those things that puts into perspective how much we affect our planet and what we need to do to make sure those affects are positive. Al Gore would be happy to see something like this. Think green everybody.


Seth Plattner
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Aug 29, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Global Warning

I meant to write Warning above.The earth is sending us messages that mean,"Stop, I'm too hot!!" Yet we ignore these signals and drive our mufflerless cars or our Hummers. Also there are incidents that show incredible laziness.CryYou see teenagers and adults driving to a neighbor's house. Couldn't they just walk? And these grownups scoff at us, yet they do almost the same thing! Studies show that by the year 2050, kids will have to put on heat repellant suits just to go outside and play. And our loser president thinks it's not a big deal, but he gives his attention to his publicity and money to people who don't need it. Obviously he forgot to buy a new strategy(and a brain!) I think this earth deserves WAY more attention than it's getting! We owe it to the earth to show some kindness and that we care about the planet much more. I may only be 12, but I know what the earth could be like without the ozone layer. So please, take some time to listen to the earth and maybe think twice about buying that Hummer or taking that tailpipe off. So ride your bike to a close destination or buy a Hybrid and you will be helping the earth. It may not be much, but if you make that small change, you  will cause a ripple effect that everyone will make that change and save our earth!