Brilliant's Invention Idea of the Week - Gas-o-Haul

Want something bettter to hold you gasoline?

I think it's important for a car to have a container handy to hold extra gasoline or water in case of emergencies. But, the storage containers traditionally available to hold gasoline are usually huge and bulky and practically take up half the space in the trunk, leaving little room for anything else. So, although having a container around is something people should do, very few people actually do because its impracticable.

If you ever wanted a small, disposable collapsible container to hold gasoline, water or other liquids for your car that takes up virtually no space when you don't need it, the Gas-o-Haul is the product for you. I love this invention idea and thus, Gas-o-Haul is my pick for Brilliant's Invention Idea of the Week.


The merchant for this product says:

GAS-O-HAUL stores under your seat, in your trunk, even in your center console... FLAT! In an emergency it transforms into a 1 gallon gas container complete with pouring nozzle. Meets all federal requirements in all states. Made in USA. Measures 14"x61/2"x2" (collapsed).

You can get this smart product at

What do you think of this invention idea? Do you think it's brilliant? What would you have done to make this product better?

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Mar 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

I think the container needs

I think the container needs to be larger. A gallon of gas isn't always enough to get you going if you run out.  Depending on where your gas tank is located, and if you are parked on the side of the road and it slopes, it could take more than a gallon of gas to get you going again (I know from experience).  I would suggest that it hold 3 gallons of gas.  Since it folds flat the larger size won't take up that much more space.



Mar 26, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

With more hybrids,

maybe it needs to be smaller!