Brilliant's Invention Idea of the Week - Thumbsaver

Want something better to hold nails in place?

Ever hit your fingers while trying to nail something with a hammer and nails? Did it hurt?

Did you ever wish there was a device that could hold you nail for you so that you could get your tender precious fingers out of harm's way?

I always thought that someone should invent something cheap and handy to save my poor fingers while nailing stuff around the house. That is why the Thumbsaver is Brilliant's Invention Idea of the Week.

ThumbsaverThumbsaverThe merchant says:

Thumbsaver - Never hit your thumbs again. This ingenious tool, designed and tested by real tradesmen, lends a helping hand when driving nails, screws, fence staples, or just about any fastener! The two piece kit includes the large and mini size.

This smart product is available from for $12.99.

What do you think of this product? Think it's a brilliant idea? What would you have done to make it even better?

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Apr 4, 2007
by Body Beauty


Cool idea, but how comfortable is it to hold up?

May 2, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Very easy!

The Thumbsaver is made out of solid aluminum to house the magnet, and has an incredibly light wieght so you can hold it up without sore arms. It also has a rubber comfort grip that makes it easy to hold and absorbs vibration when hammering. Great tool!

May 10, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Cool Idea, but...

A cheap comb will have the same functionality, with no magnet...