BT Balance : New Way to Move Your Laptop

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Creativity is never lacking when it comes to laptop technology. Researchers in the UK have discovered a way of using a laptop without a keyboard, touchpad, or mouse. The method is as simple as moving and tilting the laptop. In fact, that is the method.

All it would take is an insertion of an adaptor in the laptop (I am assuming via USB port) and then you can move and scroll with motion sensor technology. The adaptor has some sort of movement sensors that send the proper signals to the laptop, and then uses the software to translate such motions into directions for your cursor.

Apparently, the BT Balance is designed for those who may have a hard time with the conventional mouse and keyboard, like the elderly and disabled. However, I think this particular audience may have a hard time picking up their laptop. This has also led me to wonder if the tipping and moving might be more of an aggravation than anything. Remember those little plastic toys with the metal ball that you had to roll into the right places? What if the BT Balance is just as sensitive?

I personally don't see this technology applied to laptops, but to light electronic notebooks. Better yet, those Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers (UMPC) that are becoming more popular these days. That might make operating a blast, providing you wouldn't need to type anything. (Via Ubergizmo )

Tech Gone Awry
Guest Blogger

May 16, 2007
by Anonymous Mr. Dell (not verified)

That Needs A New Name!

I hereby dub it a "Lapflop" computer.

May 17, 2007
by Michelle
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Heehe...I like you name

Heehe...I like you name better too.