Bubblehead and USB Happy Kid: Making Webcams Cuter

Ever wish your webcam was more fun to look at?

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The Bubble Head takes the webcam, something ugly and functional on your computer, and turns it into something cute and decorative. As you can see, the Bubble Head is designed to turn your webcam into a cuddly little character reminiscent of a Teletubby.

His head serves as the camera, while his body is a Thermoplastic Polyurthane that can be worked into your environment. For example, he can sit on your screen, or put him on the ladder included with the proposed Bubble Head kit. From the looks of things, it looks as if the designers want to put Bubble Head in different outfits. I'm not certain whether the outfits can be bought separately like Barbie doll clothes or whether you need to buy a whole new Bubble Head.

Yes, Bubble Head is like a toy, really, and his hands can even hold things such as pencils. By the way, his "face" comes equipped with LEDs that give the illusion of an old-school face clock.

Bubble Head already has an imitator with the USB Happy Kid webcam. This design looks a little flatter than the Bubble Head, and is a bit more pose-able too.

To be honest, I didn't really think that our webcams needed a makeover, but hey, if you're going to let a piece of hardware be your "eye", you might as well give it a body. Something tells me that whoever markets the Bubble Head or USB Happy Kid will have a huge hit on their hands, and, if priced low enough, will put out more webcams on computers. This will certainly increase the amount of online web-cam chats by a significant percentage, for sure. (Via OhGizmo )

Tech Gone Awry
Guest Blogger

May 20, 2007
by Anonymous Bea Head (not verified)

Those Are Cute

Maybe they could also make some Bobbleheads in case there is going to be a "Blair Witch Project III"--the filmmakers won't have to run with the camcorder in order to give the shaky effect in the movie (the Bobblehead will do the job itself).