How To Burp The Best

Every so often, I see a parenting scenario that I remember to tuck in my feeble mother memory bank. These situations end up usually as parenting lessons for me – ones that I must remember to do, or ones that I really need to remember NOT to do.

Case in point: A friend of mine had just fed her newborn baby and proceeded to fuss and cluck over her by raising her high in the air with lots of jiggling and waving when suddenly, vomit projected in a perfect arc downward right into my friend’s face and hair. Definitely remember NOT to raise, jiggle, and wave full-bellied swaddled tot. I filed that piece of information away briskly, and feverishly dig in my own diaper bag to hide my embarrassment and to find something useful in my tote to assist in the clean-up.

Too bad I didn't have a Burpcatcher. This unique cloth gets thrown over your shoulder like a regular burp cloth, but has a special pocket that hangs over your shoulder just ready to catch any baby spit up! Of course, it's not a miracle worker though. It can't catch the puke if you're waggling your baby over your head after a meal. I slip my mental note out again and refile: For best results, keep baby over shoulder - not overhead - after she eats.

Invented by a mother of three, the pocket on the Burpcatcher hangs open without any hardware, snaps or scratchy Velcro. Say goodbye to baby goo on your shirt, down your arm, or on the floor. According to the testimonials, this product really works!

The BurpCatcher comes in flannel and fleece and is machine washable just like a regular burp cloth. Retailing for $9.99, both versions come in pink, blue and mint green. You can buy it online at their website .

Slot #632 of Mother Memory Bank: Remember to buy Burpcatcher for baby shower gift.

Mia Levine
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Mar 14, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

DO you really need a pocke

DO you really need a pocke to hold the puke?  Doesn't the cloth abosorb it all?