Business Card USB Key Flashes Your Contact Info

The Business Card USB Key displays your advertising message and contact info on a practical memory storage device your clients will use again and again! The USB key is in many ways the quintessential Japanese product: it's both high-tech and miniaturized. Designers in the Land of the Rising Sun have taken the ball and run with it to the point where one can find USB keys in a bewildering variety of styles from mild to wild.

You've got your USB Sushi, USB Sake Bottles, USB Squid in supermarket-style packaging , a thumb-drive that eerily resembles a severed human thumb, and even a Barbie-type doll whose head removes to reveal a USB connector. (You can see 11 of the most unusual in Flashtastic Falsh Drives.)

Loads of fun indeed, but now Japan's Solid Alliance has raised USB key design to the next level with the Business Card USB Key. This innovative product starts with a 1-gig USB flash drive and cap in a flat, rectangular format. Then select from 7 different colors and opt for colored text on a light background or vice versa.

What you end up with is a unique "business card" your clients won't just file away with hundreds of others, but instead will likely use on a day to day basis. Call it "adver-storage" if you like, but this informative flash drive is one marketing idea that's no flash in the pan!

The Business Card USB Key is available for $55.00 each or in sets of 5, 10 or 30 for a lower unit price, plus shipping from Solid Alliance in Japan.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer