Seth Says: Buttons Are Cool (I Promise)

So many choices!So many choices!


I'm always looking for ways to spruce up my outfits, and I think the best way to do that is to focus on detailing. Throw on a tie clip, maybe an interesting belt, or, perhaps, a button. has thankfully provided a slew of buttons that I feel comfortable pinning on my blazer or hat just to, ya know, liven it up a bit.

You can find almost any type of button you want, as the site is eager to feature known and unknown artists willing to design for them. I've spent lots of time browsing through hundreds of buttons just to find the right one for me. So far my personal faves are the Dharma Initiative button (I love ABC's Lost), Feanne's "I was born a unicorn" button for something unique, and Jaline Sritharan's "Pomegranate" for a splash of color. I know I've overlook so many more, but all the more reason to head back to the site when I need something to put on my messenger bag.

I won't lie and say these are your cheap ¢99 buttons, but some are less expensive than others and offer the ability to switch out lots o' buttons depending on your mood or outfit. They also make great gifts because you pretty much find anything you want, whether it's for your resident Star Wars geek or your anarchist next door neighbor (not that I'm advocating).

So I say to the masses: Pin with pride!

Seth Plattner
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