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Doing laundry is one of my most detested chores. It may not seem so bad, but I don't like things that I have to wait around for. If I try to multitask and go do something else in the meantime, sometimes I forget a load of laundry is still in the wash. I come back hours later and have a load of clothes smelling of mold.

I've often wished for a laundry machine that either let me know when a load is done, or that did not need me to come back at all. Also, not having to sort different loads of laundry would be super nice.

Thinking that perhaps other people may feel the same way that I do about doing the laundry, I wondered if there were any innovations available in the marketplace to make this dreaded chore easier to bear. Here's what I found:

Whirlpool's Bodybox:

Body Box Laundry MachineBody Box Laundry Machine














The Bodybox is a combination of a smart laundry machine with a very nice steam bath cabin/shower and also a sink attached. The laundry machine can sort your clothes for you and give your garments the proper treatment and conditioning. Not only that, it can be programmed via internet. All I can think is, why didn't my college dorms have this sort of thing? It's the perfect solution for busy college students who don't have the time to make multiple trips to a laundromat and sort out loads requiring different wash treatments. (See laundry machine here.)


WashDryIron Laundry MachineWashDryIron Laundry Machine














This item takes care of everything its name says. It washes and dries the clothes, all while the clothes are hanging in the machine. This eliminates the need for ironing, since the hot air dryer will dry the clothes hanging up. This reduces entangling of clothes, with a reported overall 83% fewer creases than a load dried in a typical tumbling dryer. Also, it reduces color runs and shrinkage, and washes up to 16 pieces of clothing at a time. The inventor, Oliver Blackwell, claims that his device will save 10 days of ironing a year. Who knows if this is really true, but it will be nice not having to rush to get ready for something only to realize at the last minute that I need to iron the article of clothing I was planning to wear. What I truly love about this machine is that all you have to do is pop a load of laundry in and it will come out all done, without any intermediate help from you. This machine has just been invented in the UK, and Blackwell is now looking for a manufacturer for commercial production. (See laundry machine here.)


Whirlpool's "Laundry Time":

Laundry TimeLaundry Time









I suppose that if you can't afford such luxurious laundry machines like those discussed above, you could instead get a washer and dryer that notifies you with messages when your laundry is done. Whirlpool is conducting a pilot project in Atlanta featuring a washer and dryer linked to a home network. What's special about this project is that it sends text messages regarding the progress of the laundry to a computer, TV or cell. This allows people to remotely manage their laundry while being able to do other things such as errands or even watch TV. Receiving messages via cell phone or computer seems particularly invaluable in today's society, given how busy everyone is now. Anyone can easily forget to press that "Start" button, or need extra time to run the dryer so that the clothes don't wrinkle. This program is a joint effort between Whirlpool, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Panasonic and Procter & Gamble. I can't wait until this kind of thing becomes widely available, since I'm fairly forgetful when running many errands at once.(See laundry machine here.)

With these fabulous laundry gizmos already available or soon to be, my most dreaded chore will hopefully be no more. As soon as all the options are equally available, the next thing I'll be thinking of is, which one should I get.

Jule Goag
Guest Blogger

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Aug 15, 2006
by Dan (not verified)

Will it notify me when someone else has done my laundry?

Will it notify me when someone else has done my laundry? and the ironing?

Aug 15, 2006
by Michael (not verified)


Ironing? What kind of inventor irons?

Aug 15, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

yes, smart washers have been

yes, smart washers have been out, but not to the general public. mostly they have been tested in dorms only. this test phase will be preparation for widespread use.

Aug 17, 2006
by Anonymous KK (not verified)

Self-Destructing Clothes

I thought the trend was toward care-free clothes--replacing the wash and steam iron ages with the wear and smoke-em era. Instead of wash and wear, it is wear and stare--clothes made out of hemp are smoked after wearing so that people can relax and actually enjoy doing their laundry--even look forward to it and offer to do their friends', relatives', and neighbors' laundry. Cancer patients will not only enjoy doing their own laundry, they will become psychologically dependent on it.

The only item that will require laundering in the future is money, and even that has changed from spinning and line drying to swindling and on-line wiring, via Western Union.

Get rid of your May Tag and say hello to Mary Drag--if you wanna. No more landromat tokens--you'll be token 'em in the comfort of your own home.