Camera For The Shutterbug Pooch

Dog lovers rejoice! Now this is something dog lovers and their four legged friends will definitely want to own- the Wonderful Shot.

A digital camera for dogs to make them feel a part of the "family. When you can have your own camera and the kids can have theirs, why not the dog?

A very pertinent question from dogs and savvy dog lovers alike.

The Japanese company, Takara Tomy got thinking on these same lines and has developed the Wonderful Shot, a great dog gift and accessory. This camera is designed to be hung from the pet's collar and can take photographs at very close distances.

It is durable, portable and remote controlled. Savvy dog lovers will appreciate the ease of use. The remote controlled camera has two settings. It can either take real time photographs if the dog owner presses a button. Or the cool dog camera can be set on auto mode where it takes pictures at regular intervals. The timer can be set to take photographs every 0-60 minutes. So you will know what your pooch has been up to while you were at work, or had gone shopping.

Takara Tomy has also set up a dog blog so that owners can upload their favorite dog photos and share them with dog lovers across the world. Dog lovers would do well to try and get this camera for their pets.

After all every dog has its day.

Via: TokyoMango

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot