Candle Quencher: Candle Accessory

Description of Candle Quencher by Yankee Candle Inc/GBI Marketing: As the popularity of candles and aromatherapy continues to increase, so does the need to be able to maintain them in a quick and simple manner. This combination candle snuffer/wick trimmer is the ultimate multi-purpose candle accessory. With the Candle Quencher, you will be able to: Put out candles without the smoke. Trim the wick every time you extinguish your candles. Keep the wick in an upright and centered position, allowing for optimal burning. *Use of the Candle Quencher is the safest and cleanest way to extinguish and maintain your candles.
Sharon K. Cormier and Simone M. Dion
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Patent Status: Patent Pending
Patent Number: 453,862S; 6,435,858
Invention Status: On the market for 6 years. It has two U.S. patents:a design and a utility patent.

Keywords: Candle accessory, wick trimmer, candle snuffer, candle tool, SMOKELESS candles