Cell Phone Lighter Fuels Pyromaniac Chat Addicts

What can we say about the Cell Phone Lighter from Nodaya Denki that hasn't been said before? That it's the best chat lighter for light chatter? That it smokes the competition? That it gives a whole new meaning to "hot erotic chat"? Yes, Yes and Yes again! The Cell Phone Lighter also brings a smile to the faces of embattled smokers who want to show the whole wireless world exactly where their priorities lie on their way to flame and fortune.



If you were under the impression that this was some sort of Swiss Army cell phone with multiple functions including being both a phone AND a lighter, sorry to burst your bubble. Nope, this is a lighter first and foremost; we'll leave the multifunctionality stuff to the Swiss. All the Cell Phone Lighter does is Bern, I mean burn, while looking remarkably like a neat little cell phone.




The case even flips open to reveal a keypad while a faux LCD screen displays frolicking dolphins. Real cell phones should only look half this good! As for the stubby "antenna", press down on it and a piezoelectric mechanism engages, activating a flame which leaps up from what you thought was the metal-rimmed charger port.

The Cell Phone Lighter from Nodaya Denki comes in your choice of Black, Red, Silver, Blue and Green, and costs a mere 380 Yen (a little over 3 bucks) from Nodaya Denki in Japan.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer