Chameleon Guitar: Changeable Guitar

Guitar where all of the components are interchangeable. The Chameleon Guitar is a revolutionary concept in the guitar industry. The company was started with the idea that one guitar should be capable of doing more than one function. It should be easier to transport, the performer should be able to take pride in the custom look of his/her instrument, and it should be affordable to the average performer. Most manufactures plan on the artist buying 3 to 5 instruments in their lifetime. The more sounds or flexibility you want, the more instruments you need. In today's economy, it's more important than ever to get the most for your money! Let technology work for you. Invest in one system now, knowing you can upgrade your system, or add different features at any time. Enhance your performance by turning your guitar into a key focus of your own personal identity.
Patent Number: US 6,911590 B2
Invention Status: Patented. Available for purchase on website