Keeping Kids Safe... by Using Their Wrists

Ever wish you could attach important messages to your kids?

Karen Magarelli, our newest guest blogger, is a mother of two, community volunteer extraordinaire, a fashion jewelry diva and is always on the look-out for a great new frugal find for the family. She has the solution for readers of

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The mere thought of returning to school, or going for the first time to field trips, sports and other activities are enough to make the parents of any child a bit anxious. We all wonder at times, will my child be safe? Will they wander off and get lost? These questions are especially true for parents of children with allergies or other potentially life threatening medical conditions. I know they are for me. Other than never leaving my children's sides, I felt that I had limited options in how I could communicate important information about my children in an emergency situation. Up until now that is. offers ID bracelets for children of all ages. The bracelets come in limited colors - blue and pink for young kids and camouflage for older kids - but when safety is an issue, color isn't. The bracelets are waterproof and come in a wristband style allowing for a snug fit with no loose edges that can get caught on clothing. The wristbands are constructed from strong webbing and re-closeable Velcro. They come with two plastic ID Tabs to insert inside. The Medical Insignia is on the outside in bright blue.



I ordered a pink bracelet, naturally, for my five year-old daughter and camouflage for my nine year old son. My kids were excited and intrigued when the bracelets arrived. We immediately opened the package and the kids inspected the wristbands. After receiving their nod of coolness approval (I like to make them feel like they have a say in some of these things), we completed both sides of the band with one tab for each and the kids donned the wristbands. I've stored the second tab for future use. Be sure to complete the ID tab using an extra-fine point Sharpie felt pen. (A ball point pen works, but the Sharpie is better.) The ID tabs are narrow so using the extra-fine is important so all the necessary information fits and is legible.

My kids put the wristbands to the test wearing them everyday throughout the summer while playing at parks and in the yard, at various day camps, swimming, camping, and everywhere in between. The wristbands held up beautifully. When they got too dirty and smelly, I put them in the washing machine in a net bag and washed them in cold water on the gentle cycle. They came out looking and feeling good and yes, I did remember to remove the tabs before washing.

My son commented on hot summer days that the wristband made his wrist sweaty. Not a surprise for a kid who is always on the go. He switched the band to the other wrist and all was good again. This was never an issue on cooler days. I do recommend removing the wristbands before shower or bath time, a wet wrist at night is just no fun. I'm happy to say that both my kids now look to make sure they are wearing their wristbands before we leave the house.

You too can buy this safety reassurance for a great price - $10 for the young kids version and $12 for the older kids. They also have a nifty Shoe ID Tag for the younger kids.

Now that's a great frugal find.

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