Chimney 2 Humidifier - Smoothing Up the Air Up There

It's about time somebody reinvented the humble humidifier, and leave it to Japanese designer TAKUMI to do it up right! The Chimney2 (I guess the "Chimney1" was a bust) stands 43" tall and features a half-gallon tank in the base.

Turn it on and it'll quietly do its thing for a solid 20 hours, looking mah-velous all the while. The Chimney2's design is practical as well as perceptual: the small footprint enables it to complement your room décor, not dominate it. And the exit point for the humidified air is at the highest point of the device, providing better circulation. But that's not all... the Chimney2 also sports a built-in air purifier to, as the manufacturer sez, "really smooth up the air!"


The Chimney2 operates using an ultrasonic device that involves no heat and is virtually silent. From personal experience with ultrasonic humidifiers, however, I recommend using only distilled water or risk the gradual accumulation of a fine white dust on your furniture, A/V system and, er, you.

 The Chimney2 comes in a varied selection of soft pastel shades to better coordinate with existing color schemes. There is also an available "Mini Chimney" that fits in with the Japanese need for All Things Cute, and would be neat to have in your office, cubicle, etc. - bring on the giggling Office Ladies to squeak "Kawaiiiiiiii!" So whaddya think, wouldn't you, like a Chimney2, too?

 The TAKUMI Chimney2 is available for $245.69 from Compact Impact. Visit CI online or at their new US showroom at 71 Broadway, Suite 19C, New York, NY.

 UPDATE: This humidifier is no longer available.  For another visually stunning humidifier, the Crane Drop Shaped Humidifier is worth considering at around $50 and available here.


Steve Levenstein