Want To Go Retro When You Write? Get A USB Typewriter

September 2nd, 2015

should be sold online & OfficeDepot/Max, Staples, Best Buy & indie office stores alone
Nice for a museum piece to show Tech Fusion.

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NASA's New Material: Heals a Bullet Wound In Seconds

September 2nd, 2015

Markets: IE TV show supercar KITT from Knight Rider had same properties shown best in 2008 TV season,

Marine: ships plug up holes in hulls in miliseconds.
Auto armorers: for VIPs etc.
Bldgs? or interior sections.
Huge market for.

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Invention Of The Week? Turn Your Car Into A Smart Car With Exlporide

September 1st, 2015

Lisc for all auto makers alone, super idea.
Love this, Id use this

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Invention Of The Week? Take A Nebia Shower And Save Serious Money

August 30th, 2015

Press Release: e-Shower

From: Ian Blair Hamilton MD,

Aussie shower head; a David and Goliath contest.

When the Nebia team announced their high tech water saver shower head on Kickstarter, it took less than 10 days to grab 6500 backers and $2.6 million dollars.

Meanwhile in a garage in Australia, backyard inventor Richard West has been quietly producing an alternative that is simpler, equal in water savings, but has a huge advantage. His e-Shower is guaranteed for 30 years to eliminate the single
biggest problem of all shower heads; calcium buildup.

When Nebia opened their campaign. Richard and his partner Ian Hamilton were
just days away from also launching on Kickstarter.

Now it’s a race to get their campaign up and rolling so backers can compare the two products.

They couldn’t be less alike.

Nebia uses misted water to reduce output.
e-Shower uses nanobubbles to emulate a normal shower with tiny bubbles instead of spray.

Nebia is mounted on the wall and replaces your present shower filter.
e-Shower mounts on any prese mixer.

Nebia relies on a large overhead shower rose plus an additional handheld shower head with hose.
e-Shower is tiny, but gives a spray pattern and force virtually identical to a
full flow shower.

Nebia is still in test phases and is adding modifications as they go during their campaign.
e_Shower is a working model in Australia, Richard’s home.

Nebia atomises the air, creating maximised water surface area. Many pledgers have questioned its propensity to release chlorine.
e-Shower has far less water surface area, so if the questioner on the Nebia KS page is correct, will release less chlorine gas in the filter.

Nebia is designing a shower filter to reduce grit etc. This has been pointed out by the pledge emails as a problem to Nebia’s tiny water holes in its rose.
e-Shower integrates with existing shower filters to remove chlorine, chloramines, heavy
metals and grit.

Nebia as it isnow cannot work with the most common form of mixer in Europe.
E_Shower has no such problem.

Nebia has certainly shown that the market wants better water economy. But responses on the campaign have also shown that they have a price problem with many markets
including Canada, Brazil and more.
E_Shower has a much smaller price tag and is easier to ship, easier to install and easier tofit to existing mixers.

The Nebia campaign has stalled in the last week. Perhaps this is because of the report in Water Quality Association’s news website of a brain eating bacteria discovered in 3 American reservoirs. Authorities say that the bacteria gets to the brain via the nose.. and misting showers like the Nebia make it almost impossible from anyone having a shower not to inhale water mist up their nose. Normal shower sprays allow us to put our head down, or keep it out of the spray pattern and thus avoid inhaling water mist. Of course, it’s only 3 reservoirs so far, but the report says the bacteria came about as a
result of higher water temperature in the reservoir, and this will be more common
as levels lower in drought affected regions.

Nebia represents all that high tech can offer. Exotic materials, trendy shower head, microscopic shower rose holes probably computer designs. E-Shower, on the other hand, is made by one Australian man’s perseverance, testing and retested Thousands’ of prototypes”. The e-Shower result is pure Buckminster Fuller’s ‘Small is
Here is e-Shower's prelaunch page.

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ChefCharger Brings Stylish Charging Hubs To Restaurants

August 30th, 2015

I think this innovative startup is sure to improve customer experience. There is no need to hurry anymore. The technology is offering customers an exciting opportunity to have another shot with friends.

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Zombie Plant Hair Clips Are Sprouting Up All Over China

August 29th, 2015

now you can grow a real Zombie Plant that Plays DEAD when you Touch it

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3D Tattoos Transforming Lives Of Breast Cancer Survivors

August 28th, 2015

For further information on areola tattooing visit;

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Fractal Design Builds "Sleek And Elegant" Home Theater PC Case

August 22nd, 2015

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Rage Room: Smash Random Objects, Not Your Husband, Following The Ashley Madison Controversy

August 22nd, 2015

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