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Big Idea GroupBig Idea GroupThe Food Inventors Network, a division of Big Idea Group (BIG), announced its latest Idea Hunt today. A leading U.S. food company enlisted BIG's food and packaging division to search for innovative A.M beverages designed for male commuters. The best ideas will be considered for licensing contracts, and prizes will be awarded to the top 30 concepts.

BIG's client is looking for a breakfast-on-the-go that is tasty, nutritious and easy to consume during the average commute. While many products on the market offer some of these qualities, none are designed to appeal specifically to the male commuter. The best ideas will keep in mind the needs and desires (flavors, nutrition, presentation) of male commuters ages 20 and up. Top concepts will also include thoughts about the entire product-ingredients, packaging, distribution. The company prides itself on embracing innovation and is open to a wide range of ideas, including co-branding the beverage with a non-food product. Further details can be found here.

Send all submissions to:
A.M. Commuter Beverage Idea Hunt
Big Idea Group
175 Canal St., 5B
Manchester, NH 03101

Or you can fax your submissions and agreements to:
A.M. Commuter Beverage Idea Hunt

Deadline for submission is December 13, 2006.

About Big Idea Group:

Big Idea Group (BIG) partners with corporations to help them discover the next "big idea." Idea Hunts are searches conducted on behalf of a company seeking innovations in a specific area.

BIG was created to help both inventors and corporations meet the innovation challenge. They do not charge inventors for services. They make money by licensing ideas - selling a company the rights to produce an invention in return for royalties and advance money - and from fees that companies sometimes pay them for services. As an inventor's agent, BIG would split advances and royalties 50/50 with inventors on the licensing deals they negotiate.

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