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Computers and Hardware

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Special Collector's Edition Of Saints Row IV Costs One Million Dollars

If you're a fan of the Saint's Row series - I mean REALLY a fan. You need to have an unhealthy obsession bordering on Tom Cruise levels of insanity - publisher Deep Silver's just released something you'll find to be quite the treat: a super-special copy of Saint's Row IV.  It's called the Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition...and it'll run you a cool mil.

To be fair, it does come with some pretty awesome stuff. 

Asus Launches Solid-State Drive Aimed at Gamers

Though decorating an SSD with LED lights and bold colours is questionable, one cannot deny the novelty of the RAIDR Express's super-fast data transfer speeds and interesting extra features.

Gamestar Mechanic Teaches Kids How To Code

Turns out, Valve Pipeline isn't the only initiative out there designed to teach kids the basics of coding and game design. Yesterday, while fumbling about the Internet, I came across a video game known as Gamestar Mechanic. To put it simply, it's designed to teach the principles of game design through gaming. 

It's not just for kids, either. 

The Entertainment Consumers Association is Fighting S. 134: Why You Should Care

In the wake of the Newtown shooting, the United States Congress proposed a bill that would fund research into violent video games and their connection with violent behavior.  For most of us, this isn't terribly surprising. What happened at Newtown was the worst sort of atrocity - people need to find a reason for it.

Video games aren't it, and The Entertainment Consumers Association is stepping forward to make that clear.

EverQuest Next Could Completely Overhaul MMORPGs

EverQuest Next isn't just a rumor anymore, folks. It exists, and it looks downright incredible - enough that it could well completely deep-six the linear spectrum on which MMOs currently exist. It's got intelligent monsters and NPCs, procecurally-generated quests, and a fully-destructible, dynamic world. In short? It's downright incredible.

Newsmy Newman Q20: Tiny 8.9” Convertible Tablet PC

While the Newman Q20 doesn't look too different from the tiny netbooks of old, keeping it up to date are a touchscreen and a nifty flippable tablet mode, alongside full-fat Windows 8 support and reasonably up-to-date internals.

Silentium! – New All-in-One Fanless Desktop PC from Deltatronic

Are you the type who finds that a perfectly silent environment is the only way to go for getting work done? If that environment for you is also lacking in space, the aptly-named Silentium! AIO PC from Deltatronic should be a decent choice.

The Foc.us Headset Now Has FCC Approval

A few months ago, I covered the Foc.us headset - a nifty little peripheral which uses electricity to jolt awake the user's brain. This in turn confers benefits similar to what you'd get from a cup of coffee, albeit without caffeine jitters (or the inevitable caffeine crash).  Sounds pretty cool, right?

 It's just passed through the FCC. 

HP Plans US$99 Tablet, Has Intel Inside

While not much about it is known, Hewlett-Packard's use of an Intel processor in its upcoming ultra-cheap tablet computer might make the device very interesting to hackers.

The Oculus Rift VR Headset Can Now Control Aerial Drones

As it turns out, gaming isn't all the Oculus Rift is good for. Even though the peripheral is still in development mode, a user group known as Intuitive Aerial has hooked a few cameras up to a flying drone, and connected that drone to the Rift. Said drone is user-controlled, and basically lets whoever's utilizing it experience flight.