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Computers and Hardware

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Seagate Ships 15,000 RPM Hybrid Drive for Servers

The California-based company's calling it the 'World's Fastest Hard Drive'. Their hype machine is on full bore, but at least it has some reason for it. Pairing a large flash memory cache with a very high rotational speed, the Enterprise Turbo SSHD's performance is sure to be interesting.

The Evolution of The Mouse

The mouse has been with us for almost three decades. If you're thinking that the time has come to take it to the next level, you're right and that's exactly what Nick Mastandrea thought. Unlike most people who have had a million, million-dollar ideas, Nick decided to do something about it. He got down and designed Mycestro. What is it? Well, Mycestro is little device which you strap on to the intermediate phalange of your index finger - in fact, it's about the size of your intermediate phalange too. It has some pressure sensitive buttons on its side that you can access with your thumb.

Presenting Pinza: The Stylish Solution For Cable Clutter

Bright Light Ventures has developed an extremely classy solution to the age old problem of unruly desktop cords and cables with the Pinza device.

Asimo Isn’t Tour Guide Material Yet

The  Asimo robot, made by the folks over at Honda, is one of the most recognizable robots in the world. He may have been able to charm the press into giving him some air time, but he is having a hard time charming museum guests at his new job as a tour guide in Tokyo.

HP swaps Windows for Android with Slate21 All-In-One Touchscreen PC

Though it may look like a gigantic tablet, Hewlett-Packard's Slate21 does not include a built-in battery. The company seems to be trumpeting the device as a power-efficient, if underpowered, home PC.

Can A Robot Walk Like A Man?

A team of engineers at the German Aerospace Center have made a new robot designed to walk more like a man. The robot is called Torque Controlled Humanoid Robot, or TORO for short, and he is an upgraded version of an older robot that you may have seen in the past,  the DLR-Biped.

NASA Puts Robot Control in Space

A team at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has recently completed a new test on robots. In what could be dubbed the ultimate in remote contol a team on the  International Space Station has  been able to control a robot on earth in real time. This test will help with future bot visits to other planets. 

Soccer Robots Hope to Take on Human Players Some Day

A strange sporting contest is currently taking place in the Ducth city of Eindhoven. The town is currently home to about 40 teams of robots that are playing soccer. The tournament, which has been dubbed RoboCup is looking for the best in sports androids. The eventual goal, to beat human players. 

AbelPlanet's Linx Fusion Headset Gives Feeling To Sound

AblePlanet this month unveiled the newest prototype of its Linx Fusion Haptics Headset. Although the concept may sound a little odd, there are some very real - and exciting - applications for the technology. I'm not just talking about gaming, either.

Robot Firefighters May Be Coming Soon

When it comes to fighting fires there are a lot of methods that can be used. Many of them, if not all, involve some kind of a risk to the lives of human beings. The use of new fire fighting robots can help change that. One prototype is currently in development at Perdue University.