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Site Announcements

That Blasted Roof! - Capturing Wind Energy On Your Roof

A cheap, unimposing wind turbine that attaches to the roof of your house could be on many horizons in the not-too-distant future.

We've Got The Power - Memory That Requires 100 Times Less Energy

New technology drastically reduces the energy needed to run mobile devices, allowing you to use them for longer.

Slamming Scamming Spammers - How To Identify Anonymous Email Authors

Spammers are on notice: you can run, but you cannot hide. Although you spend so much time at the computer, you probably can't run far.

Site Announcement - March 7, 2011

InventorSpot.com is happy to announce that another writer will be joining our team. Nicholas Greene is a freelance writer with a Bachelor's degree in English obtained from the university of Calgary. Nick's blog will concern advances and innovations in the computer industry, often with a nod to their possible effect on electronic modes of entertainment.  You can read his computer technology blog here.

Concrete Solution - Concrete That Won't Crack In Cold Climates

New developments in concrete technology could mean that roads last twice as long as they do now.

Site Announcement - March 4, 2011

InventorSpot.com is pleased to announce a new writer is joining our team.Kyle Fiechter is a freelance writer and photographer with videoproduction experience based in downtown Denver. Kyle's technology blog shares unique insight on the emerging market of DSLR cameras used for shooting video to keep InventorSpot readers ahead in the technology game. You can see his camera blog here.

Site Announcement - March 3, 2011

InventorSpot.com is excited to announce that a new writer has recently joined our team. Hazel Chua graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering and just recently passed the Board Licensure examinations held late last year. She loves to read and writing has been her passion ever since she learned how to pick up a pen.  When she's not busy working, Hazel enjoys blogging, watching movies, catching up with friends, and playing video games. Hazel is an avid gamer and her blog Video Game Central will be "the blog that eats, lives, and breathes video games." You can read her video game blog here.

Thar She Blows - Return To The Age Of Sailing Ships

Oceangoing technology has turned full circle, as we return to the age of sailing ships - with a difference.

Super Skin Stretches The Limits Of The Artificial

As created bio-technologies become more robust, researchers like Zhenan Bao are pushing the artificial envelope with what she hopes will become “super skin”.

Fifty Nifty Gifted Uplifters - Inspiring Kids To Do Great Things

A program in Washington DC aims to inspire school students to do great things, by introducing them to people who already have.

To Everything (Churn, Churn, Churn) - Distinguishing Journalism From Churnalism

A new website promises to tell you whether what you read online has any substance.

Free Your Mind - A Computer That Reads Your Mind, But Only The Good Bits

One day soon, it may be possible for a computer to read your mind, and determine which thoughts are worth reading.

Wang's Wings - Wings That Adapt And Robots That Change

New research from the University of Michigan promises airplane wings that adapt to their circumstances and robots that change shape and size.

New Fuel Cell For Phones And Laptops Is A Real Gas

Dr. Jim Dye at Michigan State University has discovered a new way to power up laptops and cell phones - our good friend hydrogen gas.

The Writing Really Is On The Wall - Write On Walls And Store The Information

A new partnership allows you to write on walls, and store the information in the format of your choice.

Site Announcement - February 17, 2011

InventorSpot.com is excited to announce that a new writer is joining our team.

Jamie Reygle is a teacher at a small independent school, and was a music writer and radio announcer in a past life. He writes about great ideas in order to avoid having a head full of them driving him insane. Jamie also lives - and works - on a farm. 

Jamie's blog Creativity Proclivity will be about the most creative great ideas he can find from around the world to share with InventorSpot.com readers.   

You can read his creativity blog here.

Color Changing Plants May Serve As Chemical Agent Warnings

At Colorado State University, Dr. Judy Medford and her team are developing ways for plants to visually signal when there is a biological contaminant present.

Mars Life - The Ultimate Manned Mars Mission Simulation

A Russian simulation of a manned mission to Mars has 'landed'.

Mine Detector Lets The Boom Go Off At A Distance

In Sweden, a pair of Colombian researchers have developed a way to remotely detonate land mines that is not only reliable but that is done at such a distance to keep the operator safe.

NYC's Got Gas - A New Plan To Turn Sewage Into Heat

A New York City wastewater plant will soon be adding enough methane to the city's natural gas supplies to heat 2,500 homes.