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Site News

We have some happy news to share:

First, we'd like to welcome Emily Swan as a Featured Blogger and the newest addition to our writing team.

Second, we wanted to update our readers on how the site is doing. read more »

More Site News

I want to announce that we have a new Featured Blogger joining our team. Seth Plattner is a recent graduate from New York University and currenly lives in Denver, Colorado. Having majored in English and minored in Art History, Seth will be honing both his writing skills and artistic eye to focus on architecture and design for American Inventor Spot. Look for articles on anything from interesting buildings and houses to innovative design ideas. But, whatever the topic, you're sure to find interesting subject matter and a unique perspective from Seth.

We're very excited to have him join us and think he's a wonderful addition to our site. read more »

More Good News!

Technorati 4904Technorati 4904Hi Everyone:

AmericanInventorSpot.com has some great site related news to share:

First, we want to welcome Lexi Schuh to AmericanInventorSpot.com as our newest Featured Blogger.
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Want to Help Inventors?

It is very difficult to be a successful independent inventor. We want to change that, and with your help, we think we can.

We at InventorSpot.com are committed to making the invention process easier and less fraught with risks for individual inventors. If we are able to pool our collective knowledge and resources more effectively, we believe that Inventors will have an easier time turning their dreams into reality.

We are already the most popular invention related website in the world. But we also want to be the best. Please join us in building the best website for Independent Inventors on the Planet!

Here are some of the ways you can help: read more »



Our friends over at DigitalLife fired us an email and asked us to pass this along — they're offering FREE tickets to this year's event (regular price is $15). How do you get them? Easy. Just read a bit further - as in, click "read" at the bottom of this preview and you'll find the link and secret source code. Cool, right?

If you're wondering what Digital Life is here's a taste. Held October 12-15 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, DigitalLife is the ultimate consumer and technology event. 50,000+ attendees will be able to test drive new and unreleased games, try out the latest consumer technologies, meet celebrities, win prizes, and enjoy all aspects of the digital lifestyle. read more »

Apple's new iPod Shuffle EXCLUSIVE!

The New ipod Shuffle!The New ipod Shuffle!The New ipod Shuffle! Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely heard about Steve Jobs' latest and greatest Apple releases. We could write a brief summary of all the cool features. But frankly, if you want a great summary of the good stuff from people that were actually there, just click here. It’ll fire you over to our friends at Engadget. (Ok… they’re not actually our friends. But they rock.) What we do have is an EXCLUSIVE PHOTO of Steve with his latest accessory – the iPod shuffle. read more »

Inventor Calendar is Up


Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that we now have an Inventor Calender on AmericanInventorSpot.com. It will the be the central location where we will put all the contests, conventions, and any other interesting inventor events.

To find it, just go to the navigation bar to FOR INVENTORS, then scroll down to INVENTORS CALENDAR. Presto, like magic... it appears.

If you come across an inventor event that you would like to share, please contact us . You can either click on the blue link here or go up to the navigation bar to CONTACT. Thanks in advance for any information.

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We're Now Green and Connected

We are pleased to announce that two more writers have accepted our invitation to be Featured Bloggers here at AmericanInventorSpot.com.

Ms. Gloria Campos-Hensley will be writing for us on all things green. She is a professional writer and a mom, and comes from Houston, Texas. Ms. Campos-Hensley will be sharing with us her finds on innovations that are environmentally friendly, save money, improve our way of living and are convenient to use.

Mr. Jefferson Smith will keep us all well connected. A political and marketing consultant that is currently pursuing a Masters degree, Mr. Smith works and lives in Boston, Massachusetts. Jefferson's experience in technology innovation comes from five years of working at Internet Access companies and dotcoms during the boom and bust of the 90's. Mr. Smith will share his views on the lighter side of inventing, innovating and living, concentrating primarily on cell phone technology, wireless internet services and some of the latest break-throughs in technology.

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America, We've Got More Talent!

We are pleased to announce that two more talented writers have accepted our invitation to be Featured Bloggers here at AmericanInventorSpot.com. read more »

Site News and Why You Are All Awesome!!

Technorati Top 9287

Hi Everyone:

We have quite a bit of new to share with you.

Click to read up on everything going on at AmericanInventorSpot.com.

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Welcome Back!

Hi Everybody:

Welcome back to our new and improved site. We hope you had a great 4th holiday.

For the past week, our technical guru Roger had asked the AmericanInventorSpot.com Team to take a break and give him time to upgrade our software and servers and change hosting companies. (More...)

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Hi All:

Thanks to your support, we received over 250,000 page reads per month in April and are tracking over 350,000 page reads per month in May.

Our advertising offers the best value anywhere. Since our site is new, our advertising rates reflect that and are at bargain basement prices. So think about locking into our cheap rates and advertise here!
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American Inventor Spot Has Over 10,000 Visitors in One Day!

We here are American Inventor Spot have been growing by leaps and bounds. From 0 visitors on this site just a little over 5 weeks ago, we recently had over 12,500 visitors in one day, and have been averaging several thousand visitors here even on our slowest days!

Thanks to all of you for helping support this site by featuring your inventions here and being an active part of our inventor community. We also thank everyone who has helped spread the word about our site and all those who help support the site financially by learning more about our advertisers.

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We're Almost Famous - We're in USAToday!

Thanks to the kindess of Glenn Hudson, an inventor featured in our Invention Gallery and the inventor of the Shoot and Star Rebounder, our website AmericanInventorSpot.com has a nice mention in the USA Today - Money section.

We owe Glenn alot of love for telling folks about the site and for sharing his new found fame with his fellow inventors in the Invention Gallery. We decided to say thank you to him by featuring his invention first on our gallery and showing off his video here (as soon as we can do it)...now isn't that alot of love?

If you need some good old loving folks, please help us promote the site and come share the love.

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