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Deserting The Desert - A Plan To Green The World's Deserts

The Sahara Forest Project is a plan to produce fresh water, food and renewable energy in hot deserts. A demonstration center is being developed in Jordan.

Fraunhofer Peers Into The Mobile 3D Market

One of the most quickly expanding markets in the visual industry is the world of 3D television and movies, and German research firm Fraunhofer has found a way to make the third dimension mobile.

Fingerprinted Chips Mean Theives Can't Get Their Greasy Hands On Them

New from German research firm Fraunhofer is the announcement that they have developed a "fingerprinted" electronic chip that cannot be copied by digital thieves.

Air Laser Uses Hot Spots To Return Dangerous Environmental Info

Laser detection has long been a way for military units to determine if something hazardous - be it emissions or explosives - lie ahead. Now, a new "air laser" developed by Princeton University may make this process not only more accurate but safer as well.

Green Energy Goes Purple And Gold For BYU Science Team

At Brigham Young University, Professor Richard Watt and his team have proven that a common protein can not only react with sunlight, but harvest its energy for use.

Ridge Around The Moon – The Iapetus Mystery

In 1671, Italian astronomer Giovanni Cassini discovered Iapetus, Saturn’s most distant moon, and correctly surmised that it was tidally locked to the planet, always showing one light and one dark face. Now, as the Cassini space mission to Saturn returns more data, it Iapetus is showing a new feature – a ridge covering 75% of its equatorial surface.

Site Announcement - October 20, 2010 is excited to announce that Spencer Lanoue will be joining our writing team as our small business blogger. Spencer Lanoue is a college student working on his business administration degree. He is excited to be working with InventorSpot and is open to all constructive criticism from experienced writers and of course, our readers.

You can find his small business blog here. We hope you enjoy his articles.

The 2% Solution – Milk As A Styrofoam Superlative

A combination of milk protein and ordinary clay may represent a biodegradable alternative to the Styrofoam and plastics we dump in our landfills.

Site Announcement - October 18, 2010 is happy to announce that a new writer will be joining our team.

Amanda Hinski, will be focusing on environmental innovations. Amada is a Writing Arts undergrad student from New Jersey and avid blogger.  You can see her blog here

We hope you will enjoy her articles. Team

Nokia Files Patent To Make Phones Digitally Stimulating

Though still in the development phase, electronics giant Nokia is developing a way to let users “feel” icons on their touch screen smartphones.

Science One Step Closer To Reading Your Thoughts - Better Clean It Up In There

From the land of Salted Lakes and the great state of Utah comes a new way to translate thoughts into words - roughly 40 percent of the time.

Spintronics Gets Electrons On Their Bikes And Moving Toward Future Binary Technology

From the University of Kansas comes a breakthrough in spintronics - a new way to store and read computerized data.

uDraw Looks Great But That Doesn’t Mean Wii Will Like It

Gaming powerhouse THQ is poised to claim an untapped niche of the Wii peripheral market with the uDraw, coming in late 2010.

Transparent Window Film Makes Solar Power A Possibility In Every Home

New spray-on solar coating by Norwegian company EnSol AS hopes to make windows more than the eyes of your home by giving them the ability to help power what's inside.

Magnets To Tumors - We're Hot For You

A new technique in cancer-killing uses magnetically heated nano particles to target and broil individual cancer cells. Toasty!