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Houses That Crumble

In doing a bit of research for my Dust to Dust posting, I discovered this interesting collection of uses for dust. Who knew something so decorative could come from the dust bin.

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Dust to Dust

I like highlighting artists who use interesting materials in inventive ways. I recently discovered to art of Scott Wade, a artist who uses a material that completely surrounds us...ordinary dust. His work reminds me of sand artists, whose creations disappear with the next tide or ice sculpture artists who lose their work to the sun.
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Art Through a Microscope : Innovative Art

Owl Inside Eye of NeedleOwl Inside Eye of NeedleIt's not every day you visit an art gallery only to find the exhibition is visible only through the lens of a microscope. "Painstakingly fashioned from gold, specs of dust, precious gems, droplets of glue and paint along with numerous other materials including eyelashes and spiders webbing, each artwork is living proof of the power of belief."
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Fingernail Art : Inventive Appearance


Well, the idea of polishing your fingernails and making them colorful is something that many different cultures have done for centuries. But with all the leisure time we have, I guess we may now have taken it to the extremes.

The entertainment website Ueba shows quite an interesting collection:


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Enchanted Dolls : Innovative Art

The concept of fine doll making is being reinvigorated and redefined by Siberian born artist Marina Bychkova.

Her dolls have an almost brooding sexuality about them. Evocative of mystical fairy tales and exquisite in their fine detailing, these are definitely not the porcelain dolls of old.

In discussing her dolls, Marina says "There is a doll market in the US, but it’s very conventional. I’m hoping to contribute something new..." More...

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Decorating Kid's Rooms – HotSpotMama's Product Recommendations

Last summer, I wanted to redecorate my son’s room. I just assumed that I would paint the room. Maybe stencil it if I had enough courage. While I was searching for bedroom furniture, I came across wall murals for kids rooms. You put it up just like you would wall paper. What a great alternative to just painting. I thought that was pretty much the coolest thing I had seen. Until I came across self-adhesive wall decals made by Blik.
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Blatte's Fractal Designs : Inventive Artwork

According to Wikipedia, "The word "fractal" has two related meanings. In colloquial usage, it denotes a shape that is recursively constructed or self-similar, that is, a shape that appears similar at all scales of magnification and is therefore often referred to as "infinitely complex." In mathematics a fractal is a geometric object that satisfies a specific technical condition."

I recently discovered an artist who goes by "Blatte" who has done some interesting work with fractal art. In corresponding with him to discussing our interest in featuring his artwork on our site, (more..)

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