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AMUSED: Got an Itch You Got to Scritch?


Today's Wacky Product of the day is a back-scratch t-shirt, so that you first can really scratch your itch just right.

This helps you map your back and point to exactly where you want your friend to scratch you. Inventive or Wacky? I kinda like the idea.

All the Stuff Too Crazy for the American Inventor Show


I was having trouble sleeping last night struggling to come up with an amusing posting for you, as we all wait with bated breath for the new episode of American Inventor.

Finally, around 3 am, I had the idea that it would be fun to joke around at InventorSpot.com about the kind of products that clearly wouldn't make the show. read more »

Roo Poo and Other Wacky Products from Australia


Australia is a wonderfully country and Australians are great people. One of the things that I find most endearing about them is their terrific sense of humor.

In thinking about the Wacky Products Gallery that we at AmericanInventorSpot.com are building to entertain you (as well to make the point that alot of wacky ideas turn out to be very sucessful products), I decided to see what folks around the world thought were good products to sell. read more »

Top 10 Wacky Keyboards for your Computer


Well, sometime brilliance is in recognizing when someone has done a better job than you. It's a key factor in the success on a product to look at the competition and try to better them. If you can't do better, you should not copy...well, not alot anyway.

Foster Gadgets has a fun article out about the Top 10 Weirdest Keyboards Ever. It's a great collection of wacky products, and I wish I had written the article. Since I didn't, I thought I'd swipe some of its contents for you and just take credit for bringing it to your attention: read more »

Don't Just Keep Hanging On!!


One of the most important things for any successful person is the ability to take feedback. Can you stand to hear the truth? Or are you just hanging on to what you want to hear? read more »

Giving Up My Two Front Teeth


For inventors to be successful, they do not necessarily have to give up their two front teeth or their right arm in order to develop and market their products successfully.

You need to be as inventive in getting your idea out without too much risk to your livelihood and your pocketbook as you were in having the great idea in the first place. read more »

Is this the new Pet Rock?


Sometimes, the success of a product really depends on the marketing of the product. A simple turn or a phrase can turn garbage into money.

To me, this looks like a wadded up piece of paper in a box, or basically, trash. But this site calls it an Origami Boulder.

Another silly addition to our new Wacky Products gallery. If you have any fun products you've found, please drop me a line so we can add it here. read more »

Do You Know Who Your Customer Is?


For your product, you need to clarify who would be likely to buy you product and figure out how to make your product attractive to that audience. It's very helpful to put yourself in the shoes of who the buyer might be and craft your product and advertising pitch to make sure that type of buyer would be moved by your meesage to buy your product. read more »

Desperate to Try Something New?


I was working on the Wacky Products Gallery and came upon this essential product to help men who would like to stretch themselves to become bigger men (heh!) :)

Talk about being desperate to grow. It's going to be a long journey.

If you go to Sillyjokes.co.uk you'll find out what the story is behind the long weight. If it was real, it'd be a great Wacky Product, no?

I'd love to see what some creative folks here could come up with as a good caption for this product.

What Can You Learn From Wacky Products?

Beer Hat

I have been invited by Think Outside the Circle to become a fellow blogger on InventorSpot.com. So let me introduce myself. I am your new “hope to be your favorite” blogger Amused and Bemused. I will be dropping in here whenever the whim hits me to share my latest amusing, bemusing and wonderful discoveries with you.

With my joining the site, we are going to start building a Wacky Products section to our site later this week. If you have any recommendations, please post them in the comments here.

I just can’t believe some of the stuff that people come up with. read more »