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Our guest blogger, Carson Barker, has been a freelance writing since 2001. He has a bachelor's degree in music and journalism, and when he's not writing about the entertainment industry or general news, he teaches music and art lessons in his hometown of Austin, Texas. Carson takes a close look at the newest twist with automobiles.

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When it comes to keeping up with the times, Suzuki has gone above and beyond its other automobile competitors. In accordance with music, fashion, trend and consumerism, American Suzuki Motor Company (ASMC) showed off its "Hip Hop" Grand Vitara, at the 2006 Orange County Auto Show and the Reggaeton Grand Vitara at the 2006 South Florida Auto Show.

Hip Hop Grand VitaraHip Hop Grand VitaraCurrently a concept vehicle, the Hip Hop G.V., houses all the accommodations to fit a hip hop artist's or fan's needs. Claiming the exterior of the vehicle is a graffiti-esque paint job that looks like its was pulled straight from inner city L.A. The car is hubbed with custom painted wheels and tires to match the rap-allot look, sure to draw in urban art appreciators of all kinds. With two rear-mounted exterior speakers and a spare tire mounted subwoofer, speakers are no longer an internal device for autos.

But the exterior is just for looks, the interior is fully customized for Suzuki's targeted urban hip hop customer. Inside the Vitara is a professional recording studio, complete with pullout audio mixing equipment, telescopic boom microphone, drum machines and other digital audio toys.

The Hip Hop G.V. also comes loaded with an in-dash touch screen video monitor and a 20-inch video screen in the back. All of these excessive accessories, and a 100,000-mile/seven-year, fully transferable, zero-deductible powertrain limited warranty to boot; not bad for any auto consumer regardless of their musical taste.

Sidelining the Hip Hop G.V. in Suzuki's concept revolution is the Reggaeton G.V. This vehicle features a vinyl wrapped paint job that displays maps of New York, Miami and San Juan; three major cities for Reggaeton excitement. The Reggaeton also features under car glow lights and a lowered suspension

The interior is similar to the Hip Hop version, only it sports different styles of audio equipment. It's Loaded with a DJ recording table, double iPod mixer, in-dash touch screen monitor and a DVD player.

SiTV, which is a Latin based English speaking channel, helped in the design department of the Hip Hop G. V. and the Reggaeton G.V.

"We are coming off a record-setting year led by the popular Grand Vitara and top-selling Forenza family of vehicles, and we're set to continue the momentum into the next model year with the XL7 and SX4" said Koichi Suzuki, president of ASMC Automotive Operations. With the two newest versions of the Grand Vitara released, Suzuki is obviously garnering a trend-setting, urban-cool appeal.

Carson Barker
Guest Blogger

Oct 17, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


Cars always were into Heavy Metal and some turned Classical, so it was only a matter of time before some became Hip Hop.