Cool USB Mini Fridge Chills Your Can

There you sit, locked into a vicious World of Warcraft session when you're overcome by a raging thirst. What to do? Smart warrior that you are, you simply reach out an arm to your handy USB Mini Fridge and grab a cold one - and then pat yourself on the back while you're at it for being oh so thoughtful!

Yes, the convenient USB Mini Fridge from is merely the latest in a long line of power-pulling peripherals that draw on your comp's juice to save on batteries. Unless of course, you're plugging into a battery-powered laptop, perhaps not the best power supply for a refrigerator regardless of size.

So, just how "cool" is the USB Mini Fridge? Well, it's designed to emulate an old-fashioned Coke machine, needing only the well-known logo on the side - Brando's legal advisors surely put the kibosh on that idea.

On the inside, an LED light turns on when you open the door, illuminating the single can inside. One would assume that after removing the chilled can, you simply pop (pardon the pun) another in the fridge so the cool caffeine hits just keep on coming.


According to the manufacturer, this 7.75" high and 3.6" wide miniature chiller can cool a room-temperature can down to 47°F in 5 minutes flat. That's 12 cans an hour for those really pushing the thirst envelope, so keep a case of your fave fluids under your desk to ensure optimum libation flow.

It won't hold a beer bottle or a tallboy, but hey, if you're that particular make the effort to walk to your BIG fridge! The USB Mini Fridge is a practical conversation piece that also makes a great gift... just don't give one to your buddy at Three Mile Island to store his Pepsi in.

The USB Mini Fridge is available direct from for just $33 plus a standard $3 shipping fee for worldwide delivery.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This USB Mini Fridge is now available in the U.S. and can be found here on Amazon. Another highly rated ed USB Mini Fridge is available here.

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer


Jan 28, 2009
by Anonymous

100 percent coooooooooooool

100 percent coooooooooooool ha ha get it