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Every now and then, in the course of my endless web surfing, I come across a cool new website that hooks me for a while. So I thought, heck, why not share them with you all? This will be an “as I find them, I’ll share them” installment. And I welcome your help. If you come across a website that has some innovative technology at use, an unbelievably designed website that is inventive in it’s form, design or function, or some other site that you feel the world will love, email me at:
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So… in the spirit of the holiday season (which is apparently upon us, by the look of the mall windows) I would like to share a fun little site where you can create your very own snowflake.

The name of the site is Snowdays.

Think's snowlfake on SnowdaysThink's snowlfake on Snowdays












On this site, over 2.7 million snowflakes have been created already.

Here’s how it works.

You press a button called “create your own snowflake” and it then opens a window where a piece of paper is folded into a triangle. Now it’s your turn to go to work. You just drag your mouse cursor around, cut holes, angles, lines, whatever and when you’re done, you can share it with the world. You can email your snowflake to friends, and… here’s the really cool part… you can view your snowflake falling from the sky along with all the thousands of others that are being created by people around the world at that very moment. Click on any snowflake and it pops open so you can see the design, the name and location of the person who created it, and whatever message they have to share with the world.

Click around, you’ll find some pretty amazing flakes out there. People have created faces, flags, names…etc. There’s even a search function that let’s you search your flake and those of others.

For example: type into the search field for name: THINK and for location: OUTSIDETHECIRCLE (clever, right?) and you’ll find my first few lame attempts at snowflake art.

Enjoy the season. And happy snowflake hunting.

Click here to create your very own snowflake and share it with the world.


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Dec 2, 2006
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Boring comment!


Aug 27, 2007
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this site is similar to the Oceangram message in a bottle website. check it out at www.oceangram.com. it is cool and addictive.