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Our guest blogger, Amy Coughenour, is a mom of two girls under the age of 3. She spends most of her time doing "mom" stuff, leading a moms' group, and spends her free time scrapbooking, stamping, or just enjoying a moment to read a book! She loves to keep an eye out for the latest and greatest products for babies and kids -- anything to make a mom's life easier. She found a great product to share with readers of

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If your child is like mine, he/she is most likely fascinated with your iPod. My daughter will run to get my Shuffle and beg to listen to it until I give in to her sweet little pleas. Once the earbuds go in her little ears, she is mesmerized for at least 5 minutes, which, given her attention span, is no small feat. If you have an active toddler, finding anything that calms them is a wonderful gift. Watching her listen to music and be completely enamored with it shows that music is, indeed, a powerful thing.

Music plays an important role in our lives. It can move us to tears, energize us for a workout, and put us in a good mood. Clearly, the impact of music is felt in all of us – no matter how young or old. In light of this, Munchkin has recently released the new iCrib system, which enables parents to use the calming power of music to help their little ones sleep.

The iCrib system from Munchkin is perfect for parents who like to use music as part of their baby’s bedtime routine. This system enables you to put your iPod into the crib unit and let the music calm your little one to sleep. The great feature is that you can put your child’s favorites on your playlist and just let it run. This way you don’t have to worry about that one song on the CD that freaks your baby out or wakes them up – just choose the songs sure to put them into a sleepy state. It also eliminates the pile of CD’s on the changing table that, at least in my house, usually ends up on the floor.

To use the iCrib, you simply plug your MP3 player into the system (it is compatible with most brands). The unit attaches to the back of the crib with adjustable straps, keeping it out of reach of little fingers. It is equipped with a child-resistant cover, as well, for added protection. You can set the iCrib to play for 15, 45, or 60 minutes and the unit has an automatic shut-off when the time is up. It also has a soft nightlight and you can choose which mode to use – music only, light only, or music and lights.

The iCribis available at many online retailers, as well as stores that carry baby products. It retails for around $35 – not bad for a calming, bedtime helper! Now, if they could only make a toddler-proof MP3-player!

Sep 24, 2006
by Anonymous Old Mother Hubbard (not verified)

ROCK-A-Bye Baby!

If you want to have a real ROCK-a-bye baby, you must carefully select which artists' songs to include on the iCrib.

To get your Prince/Queen baby to sleep ASAP, try The Drifters, Gladys Knight, ZZ Top, or just Zappa.

For a personal touch, the Mamas and Papas can try recording themselves playing off of sheet music for the ultimate nursery bedtime rhythms. However, if your little one is still a bedwetter, avoid Elton John and Little Willie John.

You will still have to watch out for the Pretenders and, to prevent the Young Rascals from having nightmares or succumbing to SIDS, do NOT play the Soul Stirrers, Howlin' Wolf, or the Grateful Dead.

Nighty-night to your baby, naughty-night to your spouse.

Sep 25, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

That's another stupid invention

Like most households don't already have 6 TVs, DVDs, VCRs, CD players, etc.