Creeper Sweeper Casters

CreeperSweeper is a new self-sweeping swivel caster designed for automotive creepers, stools and other rolling devices that are prone to wheel bind up. These casters feature a specially designed brush that sweeps through debris and small objects as the wheel rolls, greatly reducing bind up. They are a simple solution to an age old problem. Creeper Sweeper Casters feature a built-in brush system that helps prevent wheel bindup. Applications include mechanic's creepers, stools, tool carts, and other rolling equipment.
Patent Number: US pat. #5615450
Invention Status: Patented
Feb 21, 2010
by Anonymous

Creeper Sweeper

Hello Robert - I've got to tell you ( as a fellow inventor ) I think that this is the best idea I have seen for casters so far !!!....................Why isn't someone picking this up and marketing it ??? .........It will definitely sell.
Great Work
Good Luck
George Pariss