DAMPS Technology Footwear

damps3&libbihallo05 013thInventor Name: Jeff Brown
Invention Status: Seeking Manufacturing Partner
Website: damps.com
Patent Number: 5, 502,901
Inventor Email: ceo@damps.com
Keywords: Magnetic Technology Footwear


DAMPS Technology Smart Boots utilize like pole, opposing super magnets in the heel of boots for advanced shock mitigation.

In April 2004 a SEMS (Soldier Enhanced Mobilty Systems) Smart boots, utilizing DAMPS Technology was tested using FScan in-shoe sensors against a conventional boot. The conventional measured 131 p.s.i. on heel strike while the DAMPS Smart boot recorded 41 p.s.i on heel strike. That is a history making 68% increase in heel strike shock mitigation.

A person can walk ten miles and their body will receive the equivalent motion shock of only three miles!!!

damps3&libbihallo05 007thWe call it The DAMPS One Step Diffeence.

Please view this revolutionary technology footwear on www.damps.com.

For people on their feet all day long there is no substitute. DAMPS Technology Footwear is for commercial, military and medical footwear markets.

Mar 31, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)


I wish I would have had that on my 20 mi. road march. Other styles available?