Digital Dieting

If you’ve ever stayed up late at night and watched TV then I’m sure you’ve noticed weight loss is big business.

From diet pills that promise quick weight loss to exercise machines, there are plenty of infomercials advertising dieting products. Most of the pills are snake oils offering to do what is scientifically impossible. The weight machines do nothing more than simulate basic exercise techniques you learned in elementary school. Both of these types of products seem be fads that gets replaced with the latest in “flex” technology or weight loss “breakthrough”.

It reminds me of the “10” collect call craze that took place in the late nineties. First you dialed ten, then the area code and the number. Then it was 10-10-2-20. After a while you had to be some sort of mathematician just to be able to make a collect phone call. Although that came and went, the diet and exercise schemes are still here. It’s all big businesses designed to turn profits but it does very little to help the consumer.

Digital Dieting

I am now going to give you the secret to weight loss! Just send $19.95 to American Inventor Spot P.O. Box….just kidding. The answer is what we all know but try our best to avoid. Simple dieting and exercise. It doesn’t matter what they try to sell us... that’s the bottom line. If you want an easier and more effective way to lose weight that really works, I have something for you.

If you already have a weight loss routine in place or if you would like to begin one, “Weight by date mobile” is worth taking a look. This program combines good old fashion dieting and exercise with modern day technology to effectively lose weight. We must work together to do away with Richard Simmons once and for all!

What is it Pappa?

“Weight by date mobile” is an application for pda’s and cell phones that organizes the common aspects of diet and exercise routines. What used to be done with notes or by memory is now being done with software. No more losing vital information about your diet!

This application covers: nutritional intake, body measurements, weight and exercise. Each area covered has extra features to help you set goals and stay on course.

One of the most important things to any diet and exercise routine is keeping track of what you eat, how much you eat and the nutritional value of everything eaten. You could eat less for weeks and not lose any weight if the nutritional value of your meal doesn’t suit your body. “Weight by date mobile” will track your daily intake of calories, saturated fats, proteins, sugar and more so you can make sure you never go over your set limit.

If you’ve ever done this process by memory alone, then you know that it’s not easy to keep up with. All meals are stored on a calendar journal with detailed information about each meal. There are 11,000 foods included in the “Weight by date mobile” database and ten nutrients for each one, featuring various brands and restaurants. You have the ability to add an unlimited amount of foods to your system. Many places publish the nutritional values of their meals on their menus.  So, if something isn’t in the database, you can add it yourself. You could know ahead of time what you should and shouldn’t eat before you go out or even choose places to go based on your diet plan. Any vitamins and minerals you take can also be added too.

In addition to nutritional intake, this application helps with exercise. Include your own regular workout or choose one from their pre-built database of 130 exercises, workouts, and activities. After you enter in the amount of time you spent on each, it will display the amount of calories you’ve burned! Just as with the meals you eat, each routine is kept in a journal. Your weight and body measurements can also be logged so you can work on (or off) specific areas of your body.

In this day and age, we eat more and exercise less. “Weight by date mobile” will help you get started without making keeping track of your diet an exercise routine in itself.

Please visit Weight-By-Date Mobile For Your Palm® or Pocket PC® PDA for complete features list.

Imani Peterson
Featured Blogger

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