Creative Baking with Kids - Dino Puzzle Cookie Cutter







I got this cookie cutter emailed to me by a friend. Normally, I would say, "Big deal, another cookie cutter. " But it is a big deal because I've never seen a cookie cutter like this. The Dino Puzzle Cookie Cutter is a cut above the rest of the cookie cutters out there because it s also a puzzle.

Kids love cookie cutters. You use them for playdough, baking and cutting sandwiches into cute shapes. Now, you can take it one more step.

Simply roll out the dough, stamp out the brontosaurus shape and bake. The results are a cookie puzzle that's easy to make, fun to take apart and put back together--and delicious to eat. A tasty and easy to follow recipe with glazing and finishing instructions is included. The secret is in the dough recipe which maintains the jigsaw shape even after baking.

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